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Hi guys, this week we are focusing on a couple of non relational persistence technologies that are available to us from the .NET platform. We will have two 45(ish) minute talks from two great presenters. Should be very interesting!

Thinking in a document centric world with RavenDB - Nick Josevski

Nick Josevski will introduce some Document-Oriented Database concepts and give real world examples of using a powerful and popular .NET document-oriented database RavenDB. Nick will go over how to think differently in structuring your data, along with sharing tips on using the RavenDB IDE and Fiddler to use RavenDB effectively. Wrapping up with covering ease of installation and deployment to production systems.

Redis - Ofer Zelig

This session will be a beginner-intermediate level introduction to Redis. Redis is a highly popular in-memory database, but with some unique characteristics that differentiate it from other solutions: optional persistence, blazing fast speed, atomic operations and more. It has several different usages, it is very easy to learn and use, and it's used by some very big Internet sites in a way that allows them to scale exponentially while minimising the need to scale up database servers. We will introduce Redis and its data types, deploying it as a server, interacting with it using .Net clients and different usages.