Alt .Net Real World 2: Azure

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So last week we heard from the guys at Picnic Software ( about how they use Raven DB. We'll be continuing this theme for the next 3 months hearing from various people on their experiences using ALT.NET Techniques and Technology in real world situations. And from here on in we'll be calling it the "Alt .Net Real World Series"

First up we have a bunch of awesome 5-15 minute lightening talks:

Windows Azure: Cranking scalability up to eleven - Chris Fulstow

This short talk tells the story of what happens when you load 100,000 iPods' worth of music into Windows Azure, and what you can do with it once it's in there. We'll cover a bit about scaling Azure cloud services like web and worker roles, as well as the various storage services on offer like blobs, tables and queues.

Azure Websites: Technology support and API - Hossein Tayebi

In this quick session, I will demo azure websites' out-of-the-box support for various technologies. I will also show you how you can perform common tasks on azure platform (e.g. creating a website) programmatically. We will create a website on azure, configure and deploy it to the cloud, all using the magic of azure website management api

Leveraging Azure Service Bus for Partially Connected Clients - Bill Chestnut

Looking at how the Azure Service Bus, queues and topics can help retail organisation flow information from stores without direct connective and with different operating hours, typically in a scenario where stores are both franchise and company owned.

Vagrant + Lightweight, Portable dev and prod environments - Mike Ebinum

The talk will be a demonstration of what vagrant can do. I will cover what vagrant is, and then demo how to get it up on running with different environment configurations. I will also show how you can make on boarding and deployments easier using Vagrant + Docker.

Then for our main event:

Stack It! - Tiang Cheng

Tiang will take you through the three year development of a live web application. Along the way, he'll share some of the challenges, and how using Alt.NET techniques like CORS and technologies like Azure, AWS, WebAPI andAngularJShas helped overcome these obstacles. He'll show you how he uses both Azure and AWS, share some lessons on WebServices architecture, and the evolution and advantages of new front-end frameworks.