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WinDbg, Span<T> & The benefits of the functional paradigm
Getting started with WinDbg - Gabriel Weyer WinDbg is the most powerful debugging tool available on Windows. An austere UI, the lack of accessible documentation and tutorials make it challenging to get started. This session will focus on how you go from writing a memory dump on a production server to analysing this dump on your machine, explaining each step on the way. You'll learn: - How to write a memory dump - The three key steps to guarantee you'll be able to issue commands - How to troubleshoot crash, hangs and memory leaks Gabriel is a consultant and blogs infrequently at A (brief) overview of Span≤T≥ - David Wengier Span≤T≥ (and Memory, ReadOnlySpan, ReadOnlyMemory) are relatively new types that help you deal with memory directly in a safe and performant matter. They are slowly being rolled through the .NET frameworks so lets have a quick look at how they can help. David has spent almost 20 years learning how to do the right thing by doing a lot of the wrong things first. He hopes to save you from some of that pain by sharing his passion for looking into the "why" of things, to help better understand them. Leveraging the benefits of the functional paradigm in everyday mundane code - Afif Mohammed Functional programming code is anything but mundane code. And the mundane code we write everyday is often far from being functional. (pun intended) While the benefits of functional programming are more openly debated in the mainstream today, the paradigm is still far from being approachable. If we take away all the jargon, and the mathematical laws, what are the fundamental principles we can distil the functional paradigm to? Are these principles relevant for the mainstream majority in a way that we can reap the benefits in our every day OOP code? In this talk I will 1. Demonstrate what these principles are and how they are relevant to the mainstream majority struggle. 2. Incrementally apply them to some real world code, and 3. Demonstrate how it can help us sleep soundly at night. Afif has been working at a FinTech for the last three years mentoring developers to build the right mental models that help manage complexity.

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