Melbourne APIs Meet Up - Episode 4


The Melbourne APIs Meetup returns for our fourth episode and our first edition for the year. After recharging our batteries over the holiday period we are looking forward to another year of API knowledge sharing.

We have had a change of plan and will now be having one talk at Thursday’s meet up from Atul Kirpalani of Contino who will be delivering a talk on Voice APIs. Details of which are below:

"Building voice APIs to support multiple voice channels"

Voice assistants are popping out of emerging tech and into everyday life. In this session Atul will explain some of the key concepts:

- Conversational User Interface (CUI)
- Natural Language Processing (NLP)
- Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)

We will then walk through some code to see how we can leverage Serverless to build our Voice API to support cross-platform voice apps.

At this stage, it will just be Atul speaking followed by a Q&A on Voice APIs. If anyone in the group would like to discuss anything on the night the floor is yours, or get in touch with Scott, Dylan or Harrison with details of what you would like to discuss.

After the VoiceAPI Q&A, we would like to hear from you on what you would like to see this year from the Melbourne API meet up. We will ask a couple of questions around some ideas for the meetup, such as; shall we hold a hackathon? Would you like more lecture style talks or short and snappy talks? Should we host a breakfast or lunchtime meetup? Shall we keep ordering pizza, or change the food options?

We want to hear from you so we can continue to improve the meetup going forward. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday at Contino HQ.


Scott, Dylan & Harrison