Gravelling it to Gembrook (63kms,+620m)


Picnic at Four Brothers Rock (cancelled as Bunyip State Park is Closed Still from the Bushfires in March)

New Ride - Gravelling it to Gembrook

Ride from Bunyip North to Gembrook Loop - 63Km, 720 m Medium / Hard Ride - This ride is doable on road bike but having wider tyres would have an easier ride as majority of this ride is on gravel. You can catch a Vline Train to Bunyip. It is about 4km ride up the hill to Sherwood Park Orchard / Cafe which will be our starting point. There is Vline train leaving at 7.20am from Southern Cross.

This ride is open to financial MBTC members, and Meetup visitors who have not yet completed three introductory rides.

Don’t let this ride fooling you into think it is a pleasant ride. This ride guarantees to raise your heart rate, build up the lactic acid in your legs and but give you that exhilarating feeling as you fly down the hill you have just climbed.

See how a forest recovers from a bushfires. You will be surprised on how quickly the forest regenerates. Relax at Gembrook where we will have lunch. If you desire arrive early and pick your own fresh apples at Sherwood Park Orchard/Bakery or just have breakfast/coffee with me at Sherwood Park before setting off on this adventure.

No parking in Sherwood Park Orchards parking area - Please park out on the street or at the old Caltex service station that has been pulled down on old Princess Hwy.

Ride GPX Route:

WATER - if you have no water you will not go on this ride!
Functioning headlight & tail light
Spare tube and a puncture kit
MYKI card, ATM card/cash, basic tools, rain gear, snacks, etc

It's your responsibility to check the temperature and distance for the day and carry an appropriate amount of water. When riding outside suburbia remember that carrying too much water is better than not enough as the distances between water availability may vary greatly from the planned route due to road closures or other unforeseen circumstances.

Check your app for any changes two hours before a day ride, or two days before a multi day ride as the ride may be cancelled in the event of extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

If you cannot make it to the ride please change your RSVP to 'NO' within a reasonable time.

Our club policy is that visitors may participate on three rides before making the decision to join our club for an annual fee of $25.

You can join Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club Inc. at

Benefits include other rides not listed on Meetup, special event meetings, social events, RWGPS club subscription, etc.

When I RSVP for this event/activity I acknowledge that the activity of bicycle riding can be dangerous and that I may suffer loss or injury or death and I agree that in consideration of my participation in any event conducted by the MBTC that I will absolve from liability the MBTC, its officers, and any event organiser from all claims, demands, or suits whether for personal injury or property loss suffered whether by negligence or breach of contract or otherwise, save for any right I may have pursuant to the Trade Practices Act 1977 (Commonwealth) as amended. I agree that photos taken of me during MBTC rides or social events may be used for publicity purposes."