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What we’re about

Knitting groups don’t have to be shy or awkward! If you'd like to meet up with some people who know how to have a good time while getting crafty, then you've found the right group. The goal is to meet like-minded people, who may also be new to the area and looking to make friends.

  • We get together every Thursday in a different pub/bar in the inner suburbs, and have some laughs while working on any amazing or shamelessly crappy projects. We also occasionally meet up on Sundays, and sometimes go on day trips to yarn markets or pubs further afield (we've been to Geelong, Preston, Bendigo etc.) Joining Knitwits is a great way to make new friends and be part of a wonderful community of fun and creative people. The only requirement is that you knit/crochet/do some other kind of portable craft, or are willing to learn!
  • Please remember - the Drunken Knitwits pride ourselves on being a supportive and respectful group, and the group is entirely coordinated by volunteers (your Knitty Committee!). Rude, aggressive or disrespectful behaviour towards other knitwits, the committee or venue staff is not tolerated.
  • FYI If you want to learn how to knit or crochet from scratch - YouTube is awesome! There's also some yarn shops/craft groups in Melbourne that do face-to-face sessions e.g. Morris & Sons. Beginner knitters / crocheters are very welcome to come along to Knitwits, but after a few drinks we're unlikely to be the best teachers for total beginners.
  • The group is inspired by the Oxford Drunken Knitwits in the UK. The brilliant idea has already spread, with more groups having now started across the UK and the US. Have friends in Brisbane? There are Drunken Knitwits there too! Spread the word!