• The Elastic Stack version 7.2 is out!


    Join us for our next Elastic meetup in July! We look forward to meeting once again the Elastic Community members in Melbourne. Bring any questions/queries about the Elastic stack and your own experiences along to discuss on the night. 🎤What's new in Elastic Stack 7.2 The Elastic Stack version 7.2 is out! Headlined by the new SIEM Application, 7.2 consists of tons of new great features worth checking out including the release of our .NET APM Agent, Self-Managed App Search, and new and improved modules for Kubernetes monitoring. 🎉 Local community organizers wanted! We’d love to have this user group meet more regularly, so we’re looking for a local organizer who will help the group thrive, and the Community Team at Elastic is here to support you. If you’re interested email us at [masked]. 📍Venue instructions We are at WeWork, Level 9 of the building. Lifts will not have public access after 6pm. If you are late and need access, please drop us a message here and we will have somebody go down to fetch you up.

  • Intro to Elastic APM, Elastic 7.0 updates

    Join us for our next Elastic meetup! We look forward to meeting once again the Elastic Community members in Melbourne. Our Solutions Architect, Michael Hyatt, will be sharing an intro to Elastic APM, followed by a run-through of the features in the newly released Elastic v.7.0 by Yogesh Gaikwad, our Senior Software Engineer! Intro to Elastic APM Elastic APM is a relatively new APM (Application Performance Monitoring) solution built on the Elastic Stack, collecting performance data for your applications on-premises or in cloud environments. We will take an introductory look at Elastic APM: what data it collects, how it is visualised, and an overview of the integrations with other components of the Elastic Stack: logging, metrics, and machine learning. Elastic 7.0 Updates What is upcoming / new in the Elastic Stack 7.0 release? Agenda 6.00pm - 6.30pm - Food, drinks, refreshment 6.30pm - 7.00pm - Intro to Elastic APM 7.00pm - 7.30pm - Elastic 7.0 Updates 7.30pm - 8.00pm - Mingling, Q&A Bring any questions/queries about the Elastic stack and your own experiences along to discuss on the night. Please note: Lifts will not have public access after 6pm. If you are late and need access, please drop us a message here and we will have somebody go down to fetch you up.

  • Melbourne February Elastic Meetup - Hear from the Elastic Community!

    Grab a drink and end February with us at our next Elastic meetup! We will be at an amazing CBD waterfront venue - The Vaults at the Pilgrim Bar. Doors will open at 5.30pm, with plenty of finger food and drinks to go around. Speaker 1: Guido Barbaglia, Flatmates.com.au Topic: Matching rabbit owners and flatmates with Elasticsearch Abstract: Everyday Flatmates.com.au matches thousands of people and properties across Australia to make the process of finding a flatmate as easy as possible. But, how? Well, you may have guessed by now that we base our secret recipe on Elasticsearch – and, of course, on lots of data. This talk is about the journey that the newly formed Flatmates team took, going from zero to hero with Elasticsearch, to improve the existing matching engine and create the best shared living experiences. Speaker 2: Zee, Zero Latency VR Topic: Elastic use case @ Zero Latency VR Abstract: Zee from Zero Latency will talk about how they're using Elastic to inform the design of games, manage player safety, and design games that maximise physical space. Bring any questions/queries about the Elastic stack and your own experiences along to discuss on the night. We look forward to meeting all our awesome users again - hope to see you there!

  • Security Toolchains and The Elastic Stack

    Revolution IT

    It's been some time since we gathered - join us this December and hear about the latest in the Elastic community! Shoutout to the awesome folks at Revolution IT for hosting. Doors will open at 6pm, with plenty of drinks and pizza to go around. We have two speakers lined up: Speaker 1: Kevin Keeney (Cyber Security Advocate, Elastic) "From passive to active threat hunting" Kevin Keeney will share a few open source security projects that leverage Elastic Stack in different ways. Covering topic like Network Security Monitoring, Vulnerability Management, Endpoint log collection and analysis, and finally how to operationalize team based operations. Kevin has a direct connection to several of these projects, and some he is just a fan of their work. He is excited to discuss, listen, learn and share with the community. Speaker 2: Mark Walkom will give a recap of the feature laden 6.5 release, that landed last week :D Seats are limited, so get in quick. We look forward to seeing everyone again!

  • Elastic{ON} Melbourne 2018

    Peninsula C, Shed 14

    G'Day folks! We're super excited to be bringing Elastic{ON} to Melbourne again, with a full day of product and use case talks, from both our own Elasticians, as well as users and customers. Once again we are super lucky to have Shay Banon, the Elasticsearch creator and CEO of Elastic, joining us for the event. He's accompanied by Kevin Kluge, Senior VP of Engineering, Alona Nadler, Kibana Senior Product Manager, and Nick Drost, Director of Solution Architecture. We'll also be bringing the ANZ team together to make the event as amazing as possible. **Please note** that this is a paid event, however we have a special 15% off discount code for our awesome community members - Meetup15. You can register with that code until August 6, after that you can use Meetup10 for a 10% discount. We are also offering a free ticket to the event if you register for one of the two post-event training sessions, so get in quick. Head to https://www.elastic.co/elasticon/tour/2018/melbourne to register, get access to Early Bird pricing and see the full agenda. We look forward to seeing you for fantastic talks, tech deep dives, AMA, BoFs and more! Regards, The Elastic ANZ Team

  • Elastic{ON} 2018: The Recapathon


    Elastic{ON} 2018 was an amazing few days of technology and community with talks from our engineers, product managers, CEO, customers and more. You can definitely sit down and watch the many, many hours of recorded talks, but we have an express summary coming from our engineer's that are building the products, right to you! With SQL for Elasticsearch, Canvas in Kibana, more service discovery in Beats, new APM features and so more! We'll touch on Swiftype, Elastic Cloud Enterprise, upcoming geo layers and, if you've ever wanted to become an Elastic Certified Engineer, then you won't want to miss this night. There's also one super amazing announcement we made that totally changes the direction of where the Elastic Stack is going. You may have seen the blog post (hint hint), but we'll be ready to have a chat about it and dig into the details. If you haven't heard it yet, then you will be in for a real surprise :) Our awesome hosts for the evening will be the team at Seek :D We hope to see you there! Regards, The Elastic ANZ team

  • Meetup Mixup Melbourne

    Loop Project Space & Bar

    G'Day y'all, We're super happy to announce that we will be at MUMU2017, Melbourne (https://melbourne.meetupmixup.com/) - the end of year party for the Melbourne meetup community! It'd be fantastic to see everyone before we all take a well earned break. So head along and hang out with members of PHP Melb, BuzzConf, PyLadies, LUV, and EFA and have a great night socialising. Tickets are a super affordable $8.80, which includes a drink on entry and snacks through the night. Hope to see you there :D Cheers, Mark and the Elastic Team

  • Elastic Stack 6.0 - It's almost here!


    G'Day y'all, In the immortal words of Joe Snow (Jon's younger and less well known cousin, trust us here), "6.0 is coming". To help you, our awesome community members, prepare we will be doing a run through of the major changes that will land with the Elastic Stack in 6.0. We have things like rolling-major version upgrades, even more lucene data structure optimisations, sequence IDs, saying farewell to _types, dashboard modes, automated cluster alerts, Logstash pipelines and a pipeline viewer, Beats integration with kubernetes and a whole raft of new Beats modules. Our Pioneer Program also makes a return, so if you are already using the beta or RC releases of the stack and are submitting issues, you're a winner! There's way, way, way, way more, but if I tell you more then there's no reason to have the meetup (boooo!), so make sure you come along to hear first hand how much awesomeness we have packed into our 6.0 release (yay!). Our friends at Seek.com.au (https://www.seek.com.au/) are lending us their awesome space for this event and will be providing resfreshments for all. The local Elastic team will also be attending, so there's even less of an excuse not to come! ;) RSVP now because there may also be some special swag (https://twitter.com/ElasticANZ/status/896914637140115456) making an appearance, and we don't want you to miss out! See you then, The Elastic ANZ team

  • It's April 2017 and we're back for the Melbourne Elastic User Group Meetup

    G'Day all, It's 2017 and lots has been happening in the Elastic space over the last few months since we've met. Time to get back together for a chat, food and drink and hear some awesome talks about the Elastic Stack. We have Dr David Kemp from REA speaking on "Using Elasticsearch Completion Suggesters for Address Autosuggest". How REA have implemented a street address autosuggest system using Elasticsearch’s Completion Suggester feature. David is a search specialist at REA Group, but also has a very hands-on role in the day to day coding of some of REA's core search systems. He has more than twenty years of experience as a software developer, and has become enthusiastic about search while working on search systems in recent years. We also have members of the local Elastic team presenting a recap of Elastic{ON} 2017. Elastic{ON} is the main Elastic conference held in San Fransisco. The conference had a number of exciting announcements and we'd love to share some of those in more detail with you. Finally, we have a new additional sponsor in Zendesk. We are meeting at their conference space for this meetup and thank them for allowing us the opportunity to grow the meetup in the local community. Looking forward to seeing everyone again! Cheers, Christian and the Elastic Team

  • Meetup Mixup Melbourne 2016

    Loop Project Space & Bar

    We're super excited to be sponsoring the 2016 MeetupMixup event, the massive end of year social event for the Melbourne Meetup scene! This event covers user groups from Melb PHP, EFA and R Ladies Melbourne. An eclectic mix guaranteed to inspire memorable conversations. Couple that with drinks and nibbles, it's going to be a great way to wind down after a long year! Tickets are only $15 and are available up to the night. For full details, including ticket purchase, check out https://melbourne.meetupmixup.com/ We're looking forward to seeing you there!