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Melbourne Networking group is for everybody in Melbourne who are interested in Events, Weekend Getaways, Trips, Training, Courses and Workshops happening in Melbourne .

Events in Melbourne include:

• Courses and Workshops: Film Making Workshops, Photography Classes, Actings Classes, Dance Lessons, Music Classes.

• Education, Professional Development andTechnical Events: Training on new technology and other technical sessions.

• Career & Job Events: Talent Hunt, Auditions and Screening

• Business Events by Business Owners, Startups and Entreprenuers. • Movie, Music and other Entertainment events.

• Travel and Trips: Weekend Getaways, Outdoor Adventures, Hiking, Trekking.

• Socializing and Networking events: Casually Meet and network with people in Melbourne . We conduct regular meetups to get together with like minded people. If you are interested teaching what you love or organizing an event or going on a trip, you are welcome to host an event in Melbourne events group."

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Mental Wellbeing of Chinese International Students: Crisis & Resolutions

Mental Wellbeing of Chinese International Students: Crisis & Resolutions Event details : https://www.xeeders.com/events/264 Message from Event organizer : Conference and Student Ambassador Award Ceremony. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ... For more details, Venue and Exact date time, visit: https://www.xeeders.com/events/264 Disclaimer: This event is not organized by MELBOURNE Events Club. We are just promoting and helping the event to reach more people. For any missing details contact the organizer from the above provided link.

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