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Lambda Workshop and a quick talk on RasPi

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*** Please note we are starting a little earlier than before at 6:15 PM. ***

This month MelbJVM has two features. A quick talk on Raspberry Pi with Java, plus a Lambda workshop.

Raspberry Pi and Java

Andrew Hamilton will be presenting his RasPi pet project. He'll be demonstrating some sensor integration and hosting the results via a web server running off the Pi.

Java 8 Lambda Workshop

We'll also have a Lambda workshop where we'll run through some exercises using Lambda's and the new Streams API coming in Java 8. The workshop is an interactive hands on session based on recent sessions at JavaOne - bring your laptops!

What you'll need:

• A laptop (or one you can share)

• Java 8 installed - Get the latest early access build from

• An IDE that supports Java 8

• IntelliJ 12 Community or Ultimate Edition (

• Netbeans 7.4 (

What you'll get:

• A kick start on the newest and most important feature in Java 8

• Great environment to learn amongst your peers

• Opportunity to drive some feedback back to the Lambda Dev team

Note on Eclipse Support

Eclipse IDE with JDK 8 support ( is still alpha-ish. The refactorings available don't appear on par with Netbeans or IntelliJ. For example, code completion on method references doesn't happen, nor is there any Quick Fix refactorings to turn an anonymous inner class into a Lambda. We'd strongly recommend using IntelliJ or Netbeans instead.


Seasoned MelbJVMers will notice we've shifted things around, kicking off news and first talk, followed by pizza then into the workshop

6.15 START + News

6.25 Raspberry Pi

6.40 - 6.50 Break for drinks and pizza

6.50 - 9.00 / 9.30pm Lambda Workshop

Info on getting there:

Peoplebank offices are on the south-west corner of Flinders Lane and Queen St. Doors lock at 6pm but someone from Peoplebank will be downstairs to let people in. If when you get there, no one is present, call 0432603743 and we'll send someone down. We also will be having a raffle, so when you get to Level 13, there will be someone to greet you, get a name-tag, and also put you in the raffle draw. For those driving in, there is flat rate (~$10) after hours parking on Market St, between flinders lane and flinders st.

Level 13, 31 Queen St · Melbourne
25 spots left