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More Java 8 - DateTime API, Nashorn & Avatar - and Silicone

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Welcome to another packed MelbJVM. We'll be continuing our exploration into Java 8's new features, looking at DateTime and the Nashorn JS engine, as well as take a look at a locally developed open source project, a single page controller called Silicone.


Tim Findlay will talk about the new DateTime API Christian Catchpole will present on his server side web 'framework' Silicone that he built to serve JS only web clients like Angular. Jason Mitcheson on the Nashorn JavaScript engine and serving web requests Topics:

The New Date Time API - Tim Findlay

Java's Calendar and Date classes are long in the tooth. Many developers up till now have been utilising 3rd party frameworks like JodaTime or built-in support in Groovy to manage any respectable date and time handling. JSR-310 is the new DateTime API that is based on JodaTime. It was lead by the same developer of JodaTime but is the opportunity to re-write and address some of the previous design to build a quality framework for Java 8.

Tim Findlay, a consultant for Column IT who relies on JodaTime heavily for reporting, will give us an intro to JSR 310. He'll be going through the core classes for Date and Time manipulation for everyone, providing many examples on using it, and finally for those who had used JodaTime, a look at the differences.

Silicone - Christian Catchpole

Silicone ( is a single page controller for stateless, scalable cloud applications. It uses a simple and novel model view binding which can be used by itself, or compliment client-side frameworks (think Angular). It can also be used to manage dynamic and static templating for content driven warehouses (think Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest).

Christian Catchpole, a consultant for Shine Technologies, will talk about the scenarios that led him to want to build Silicone, why you'd want to use it, talk through its current features and where he sees this new open source project going.

Serving web requests with Nashorn - Jason Mitcheson

Nashorn is the new JavaScript engine on the JVM. In this talk Jason answers the hard hitting questions 'what does Nashorn replace?', and 'why do we want to run JavaScript on the JVM anyway?'

He'll be showing the new JavaScript support in Java, discussing the command line tool, jjs, as well as how to interopt your JavaScript and Java code.

Most importantly, he'll demonstrate the use of serving web requests with JavaScript. The end result is akin to a typical NodeJS application, except, of course, you have all the JDK and whatever libraries you like, too.

Finally and most importantly Jason will demo running some node applications with Avata (, the Glassfish application server that runs node modules.

Jason Mitcheson is an avid web developer and team lead who spends a lot of his day to day with JavaScript client applications. He has worked with a number of Java web frameworks, as well as Scala, and has even built his own web based JS development environment in his spare time.


6.30 - 6.40: Networking drinks and pizzas
6.45 - 6.55: News
6.55 - 7.15: DateTime API
7.15 - 7.35: Silicone
7.35 - 7.45: Break
7.45 - 8.30: Nashorn


Shine Technologies this months food and beverage sponsor, and our favourite recruitment agency, Peoplebank are graciously providing their room with a view as always.

Info on getting there:

Peoplebank offices are on the south-west corner of Flinders Lane and Queen St. Doors lock at 6pm but someone from Peoplebank will be downstairs to let people in. If when you get there, no one is present, call 0432603743 and we'll send someone down. We also will be having a raffle, so when you get to Level 13, there will be someone to greet you, get a name-tag, and also put you in the raffle draw. For those driving in, there is flat rate (~$10) after hours parking on Market St, between flinders lane and flinders st.


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