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An Update To This Group!

I would like to invite people who have startup ideas they are working on and would like a forum to have possible collaborators to discuss their idea and possibly join them, to contact this group and join as Co-Organizers.

When this group was initiated it was set up to gather like minded people and possibly find co Founders and contributors to commencing a Melbourne Startup that wanted contributors who want to be part of a young innovative idea to reach the world stage. I wanted Bloggers, Marketers, Social Media Marketers and SEO friendly contributors to be part of collectively driving this idea and also be part of the journey together. The idea of this group was to see where it was going to go.

What it is today is to be a platform for speakers from different expertise and backgrounds to help start up individuals and groups to have a forum to learn skills and hear about the journey of the boutique and startups out there. It is looking forward to a wonderful 2019 year ahead.

I look forward to meeting worthy like minded people to be part of this journey.

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Mindset Marketing - Growing Your Business from Within

Growing Your Business Requires Marketing & Mindset but did you know that these two go hand in hand? One will not work without the other... And, more importantly, just how important the relationship between these two is - you will learn on the night. Hear from leading marketing and mindset experts at Melbourne Entrepreneur's July event - a night not to be missed! Curious? You should be... And, while we cannot go too deeply into it here, we surely will on the night. So, mark your calendar, click the RSVP button and invite a friend or two to come along and get the low-down on how to market yourself & your business successfully with the right mindset and marketing tools. On the night: TYSON SHARPE will unpack the intricacies of how to: - Master your thoughts and self-talk - Generate empowering emotions - Solve any business challenge from the inside out - Break through your own mental ceiling And, surprisingly the essentials here are NOT what you expect. As an Emotional Fitness Coach, Tyson helps business owners break through the unconscious mental ceiling they place on their success and happiness. If you have ever had the feeling as though, at some level, you weren't good enough or maybe unworthy of that next level of success, you know what I'm talking about. If you're in the area of marketing, sales (everyone is in sales in some way), wanting to grow your business, and if you go to networking events (this is one as well), you know the role fear, doubt and worry can play on your ability to perform and succeed in business. What you may not know is that 95% of all your business decisions and actions are actually unconscious. This is why so many business leaders find themselves stuck for months or even years with the same challenge. Over recent years Tyson has coached over 200 business leaders to help tackle and resolve these very internal conflicts so that they not only reach their next commercial outcome but put them in a position to add more value to the market. He believes that your business challenges are the best opportunity for you to find out who you really are, so if you are willing to explore, you don't want miss him speak. "You only achieve in life what you conquer within," he says. ERIK BIGALK, will show you how you can take the very essence of you and your business and how to make this your most powerful marketing tool. How drawing on the internal of you and your business, you can elevate you and your business above and apart from the noise that is happening in your market - setting you up as the go-to person/business, a leader in your field. You will come away with powerful insights on how to amplify your marketing, your message and generate greater engagement with your target audience that will help you maximise your marketing outcomes and conversion. Erik Bigalk is a business solutionist, international speaker/writer, Quantum Coach, and the founder/CEO of Smart Soltuions, a multi-award-winning brand marketing firm based in Melbourne. MUST DO If you are actually serious about growing your business, then attending this event is a must! Pls RSVP today! You will: - learn from leading minds in mindset and marketing - meet like-minded people - network (perhaps you meet your next client, supplier, collaborator, JV partner or new friend) - be in an environment that is geared to support business owners and entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey - give back to others by sharing your wisdom The even has a facilitated networking component, plus two speakers, time to mingle and share, and of course a bar/bistro for you to order your favourite drinks and snacks. Plus, their will be lucky door prizes - gotta be in it to win it! The Melbourne Entrepreneurs Team looks forward to meeting you on the night! See you there! P.S. Please also join the FB Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/melbourneentrepreneur/

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