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Introduction to Light and Studio Lighting

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Light is the main element in any photograph. The first thing that we should consider when taking a photograph before subject, location, pose, expression... is light. This is true whether we are photographing people, landscapes, buildings, still life or anything at all. Our ability to see light, whether it be studio strobes or the sun, is the key to understanding lighting. When we can see the nuances of light we can manipulate and shape it to get the light we want. Our mastery of light will determine the quality of the images we can produce.

(natural light with 1 reflector)

This workshop is aimed toward beginners who want to learn to add that magical element to their images. The most important thing with light is to build our ability to control it, beginning from the the most simple one light set ups and then adding additional light sources. We need to understand the basic principles of light, its different qualities and its behaviour.

(1 studio light with 1 reflector)

We will begin by exploring natural light and controlling it by reflecting, diffusing, blocking it out etc. We will then apply these principles to a studio situation with simple one light set ups with a reflector/ block out. We will also learn how to control our exposure in the camera for the lighting, balancing ambient light and flash light to create the quality of image we are after. A model will be booked to give us an opportunity to practice the various principles.

(1 speed light)

(1 studio light)

By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to create these basic lighting set ups to produce professional looking results anywhere using just an off camera flash and 5in1 reflector.

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