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A new discussion group for members and friends of the Rationalist Society of Australia who live in Melbourne. A topic and related questions will be issued in advance of each meeting. Attendees are encouraged to discuss these with family and friends, submit initial thoughts, and come prepared to discuss at the meeting. This is an opportunity for RSA members to become more involved in their Society and express their wise opinion on a variety of current social issues. Members' thoughts will assist the RSA Committee formulate policies and ensure representations to government reflect members' views.

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Should religious schools be able to hire in their own image?

From the Ruddock Report: Many of the submissions presented to the Panel focused their attention on specific instances of where the right to manifest religious belief was perceived to be under threat. These included the ability of goods and services providers to decline services for reasons of conscience; the ability of religious schools to select staff and students that conform to their religious ethos; the right of parents to ensure that their children are educated in accordance with their religious and moral values; the provision of public funding to charities and faith-based organisations; the extent to which religious ministers can choose not to solemnise marriages that go against their religious beliefs; and the ability of religious bodies to prevent their facilities from being used for the solemnisation of such marriages. The Panel received limited information to suggest that the right to freedom of religion is currently being infringed in any of these areas. Question: Should religious schools be able to hire in their own image and fire anyone who does not align with their values?

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