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MicDrop Hawthorn (Event Space)

10 Oxley Rd · Hawthorn

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MicDrop is the event space of Creative Cubes.

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Today, some of the world's most brilliant people are stuck creating gradual change in large corporations or struggling to gain traction with their startup. We're surrounded by potentially amazing founders, however with startup failures purported to be circa 90%, starting a business is risky business.

These amazing would be founders are often held back from taking the plunge by 4 key factors:
• Inability to find a co-founder(s)
• Lack idea conviction or validation
• Raising capital is daunting, unstructured, favouring those with extensive networks
• It is confrontational to go from a salaried role to no income the day you leave your job

These reasons result in phenomenal would-be founders delaying a decision to leave their jobs as the opportunity cost is massive.

Antler, a global startup generator and venture capital company, breaks down these barriers to entrepreneurship. By providing funding from day one, access to a global network of advisors and experts, and by building strong teams, Antler enables aspiring individuals to become founders of great tech companies where they can find purpose and truly innovate.

This session will explore the Antler program and the ins and outs of how you can remove and overcome the barriers to starting your first startup.

Adele Moynihan - Director of Recruiting, Antler Australia
Anthony Millet, Partner at Antler Australia. Fmr CEO of BrickX, Co-founder of ActivInstinct

Event Partners:
Creative Cubes
Silicon Beach Group

Antler https://www.antler.co/sydney
Antler is a global startup generator and early-stage VC fund. We bring exceptional individuals together from across the globe to pursue purpose and bring about change in the world. Through a six month program, we’re unlocking the power of the world’s most brilliant and determined people to work on some of the most exciting and crucial opportunities and problems of tomorrow.

Creative Cubes https://creativecubes.co/
At the centre of what we do is an unwavering focus on all people. We are built for the people and the companies they work within. We wrap them in Happiness & support them with four pillars (Office Space + Events + Wellness + Fuel) so they can stay focused on what they’re passionate about.

MicDrop https://micdrop.events/
We’ve all been there. The windowless conference room with the strip lighting and piped muzak. A sad coffee urn turning cold in the corner. AV technology from before you were born. We call it ‘death by venue’ and it’s the leading cause of events that never quite reach their potential. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

At MicDrop we believe the space you’re in should be as creative and inspiring as the event you’ve spent so much time meticulously planning. Spaces that excite the mind and stir the heart. Where people come together to learn, laugh, and grow. Discover MicDrop’s new breed of creative spaces in Richmond and Hawthorn today. South Melbourne opening soon.

Silicon Beach Group https://siliconbeachgroup.org/
Silicon Beach Group (SBG) is Australia’s largest network of startup communities. With meetup communities in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, Launceston, Geelong, Ballarat & many more in the making, we are 23,000+ Silicon Beachers strong and counting. Our mission is to empower founders through education, industry access, global connections, investment and support from a diverse community. We are now in Asia with meetups in Manila & Jakarta.

Register your startup, app, business, project or yourself at https://siliconbeachgroup.org/projects/

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