2 Tech Talks @DigIO

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This event is kindly sponsored by DigIO, food and drinks are provided.

Talks 1:

Who will guard the guards - Mutation Testing with Stryker

Priyanka Jagga - Lead Test Automation Engineer @DigIO

What is Mutation Testing?

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes” which in English means “Who will guard the guards!!”. Mutation testing is a way of testing the quality of your tests by introducing changes into application code and seeing if our test suite detects them. It is a type of white box testing which is mainly used for unit testing. This is done by making extremely small changes to the code, so it does not affect the overall objective of the program. This helps assess the quality of the test cases, which should be robust enough to fail when the mutated code has been injected. This method is also known as fault-based testing, as it involves creating a fault in the program.

In this talk, Priyanka will be looking at mutation testing. What it is, as well as an example to show what it can do, limitations to consider and how it can be added to a Javascript project using Stryker, an open sourced tool for mutation testing.

Talk 2:

Introduction to React Testing Library

Alfred Glickman - Senior Developer @NAB

Alfred is a senior front end developer specialising in React and React Native who likes Typescript and Google Cloud Platform.

In this talk, Alfred will introduce us to React Testing Library, he will give some examples of React component tests and reason why RTL (React Testing Library) is preferable to Enzyme, a poplar Javascript testing utility for React.