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Monthly Meet - Work on your craft - Includes writing games!

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No matter what creative craft you possess, come and work on it alongside other creatives.

Chat & mingle, then put your head down and work like a mad-person.

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We'll meet, eat, chat from 12.45pm. Then, work begins at 1.30pm. This includes writing games for all those who wish to participate.
Some of you may be working on your NanoWriMo, which is great!

You can of course start work as soon as you arrive if you like. And work on whatever you like.

Join in with the writing games or just use the time to do what you do! It's up to you to decide on the day :)

Even if you just want to come along and read a book, then listen to people read out their work, that's fine too.

If you can't attend, consider this book:
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Check these out to see some of our stories :) (

For the writers:
How could a jumble of words with a little punctuation become something that’s interesting to read?
Is it a gift from the gods? Something only the highly educated can produce? Or maybe anyone can do it?

If you want to know if you can, then come down for some writing games and play with words and talk to other every-day people that write, or want to write.

Have a chat, join in some of the games and maybe have a beverage to loosen up those words that are tangled in knots in your brain. We have an area specially set aside for us. Just ask one of the staff to point you in the right direction.

There's no pressure and only minimal set criteria you have to follow.

An enjoyable afternoon with a pen in your hand or keys below your fingers (BYO pens, paper or laptop and anything else you wish to write with).

Experienced and novice writers welcome.
Times will be set for games, but how long you take is entirely up to you.

Share your work with others once you have something written, or if you prefer; hide it away until you’ve edited all those nasty misspelled words and muddled sentences out and have a polished final product.
Spend the whole day on one of the writing games or just write what you want - anything goes.
I only wish to provide a place to write with others so that ideas and experiences can be passed from person to person regardless of expertise.

Further info:

A taste of some of the writing games available to us:
Free Writing or Stream of Consciousness
This involves writing anything and everything that comes into your head. Some of it will be garbled nonsense and some will be like a twisted dream where scenes overlap and people’s faces change from one person to the next.
If you get stuck, call out STUCK and someone will throw you a word or a short sentence for you to bump that creative mind into gear.
Around 10 minutes

What you know
Most people write what they know. Be it a blog, non-fiction topic, fiction novel, or poetry.
In this game you list five topics you like/love/talk about often, and then write as many things about each that you can.
At the end you may have found what it is you want to write about.
Around 10 minutes

A coke bottle, a scuba diver and a road trip
This is a game where you write a story involving three different things or places or settings. Above is only an example. Your job will be to write a story (fiction, non-fiction, poetry) using all three things.
Around 30 minutes

Serial story
To be done if we have time before the writing games (or during the writing games if you don't wish to be in the writing games).

Someone writes a paragraph or two then covers up their work while showing only the last two lines of their text. Then the next person starts writing the next paragraph, or two, while trying to guess what the story is about. Even though it will turn out being a cross between mad-libs and Chinese Whispers, we’ll try and make the best story we can.
This will run the whole afternoon and will be read out when we have a complete story.
When you're bored or stuck or whatever, just add to it, just don’t add to it immediately after your own part.... that would be silly ;-)

1)To make planning easier on the organiser's behalf it would be great if we knew how many are going to show so we don't wait for late comers that never turn up. Even a few hours notice would be great, 24 hours is better.

2) To keep this meetup running (fund monthly costs and printing costs) we will be having a $5 raffle which will be drawn every 6 months. First prize is valued around $50 (the following prizes are all donated by members - let me know if you wish to donate - maybe a self published book?)
2b) A $2 donation for 6 months is fine if you don't wish to be in the raffle - and no need to pay on your first visit, wait until you've been back a couple of times and you decide this group is for you. Just pop the $2 in the raffle box when you feel like it. No pressure.

3) Please remember that your HOSTS run these events on their own time and without any kind of payment, and do it to support yours and their creative outlet. So please support them as well, and help the event run smoothly by talking to everyone (especially new people) and keep everyone involved. Also, please suggest events and create discussions on topics when we meet.