• June C++ Meetup - Planning and coding challenge discussion

    Instead of one of our regular talks, tonight's meetup will be focused on brainstorming talk ideas, planning some additional group activities, and figuring out how we want to coordinate our mini coding challenges. Or more generally, how can we make the most of our growing C++ community? If you're new to the group, or even to C++ in general, this is also a great opportunity to meet other C++ enthusiasts and to let us know what you'd like to see in the C++ Meetup. This will likely run a bit shorter than most of our meetups, so you're more than welcome to head out for dinner afterwards, and continue the discussion. Doors open at 5:45, for a 6pm start.

  • x86: an evolution of kludges


    There's a very good chance that you're using a computer (rather than a mobile device) to read this, that it's an x86_64. super-scalar, hyper threaded, 64bit, multicore, processor, with SSE, AVX and a bunch of other extensions of the instruction set. If that's the case did you know that as far as CPU compatibility is concerned it'll happily run MSDOS? Yes, a 16bit operating system from 36 years ago! Intel, AMD and others have achieved this dramatic evolution from 16bit through 32bit to 64bit computing without breaking backward compatibility, (at least with popular software and features). This presentation will describe this evolution, kludges and clever innovations. Doors open at 5:30, for a 6pm start.

  • Generating parsers in C++ using Ragel and Lemon

    Have you ever wondered how you would implement a parser for simple arithmetic expressions in C++? Faced with this problem, many C++ programmers would generate a parser using Flex and Bison, or perhaps Boost Spirit. In this talk, Tristan will introduce some alternative tools, Ragel and Lemon, and show how they can be used to build a calculator that handles simple arithmetic expressions. As usual, doors open at 5:30, for a 6pm start.

  • April C++ Meetup

    Tetsujin, Japanese Restaurant

    Due to a scheduling conflict, our intended venue is not available this evening, so the originally scheduled meetup will be moved to next Tuesday. Instead, anyone who would still like to catch up this evening is invited to join us at Tetsujin, a Japanese restaurant located at Emporium in the CBD. We'll be meeting at 6.30 for some good food, and a bit of casual conversation. The address: Level 4, Emporium Melbourne, 295 Lonsdale Street, CBD, Melbourne (enter via lift at Caledonian Lane and Lt Bourke St) If possible, please update your RSVPs to let us know if you'll be able to make it. And apologies once again for the late notice.

  • Conan C/C++ Package Manager


    This month, Lawrence will be give a talk/demo on Conan, the C/C++ package manager. We might get some others talking about Vcpkg, or build2... 🤞 As usual, doors open at 5:30, for a 6pm start.

  • Data Oriented Design w/ C++


    This month, Jessub will be presenting a talk on data-oriented design with C++. As usual, doors open at 5:30, for a 6pm start.

  • C++ Type Erasure


    This month Paul R will give a talk on type erasure in C++! Should be very interesting :) As usual, doors open at 5:30, for a 6pm start.

  • December C++ Meetup


    This month we'll start with a couple of talks from Tristan and King-Yan following on from last month's template parameter packs. Then dcro's will give a talk on forwarding references in C++. Should be very interesting :) As usual, doors open at 5:30, for a 6pm start.

  • November C++ Meetup


    This month King-Yan will be presenting a talk on template parameter packs (don't know that they are? then come along and find out!) and Paul R will presenting a talk on std::filesystem. Should be a good night! :)

  • Multi-threading in C++


    This month is all about multi-threading! AJ will be sharing lots of his knowledge (and rants) about multi-threading in C++. So come and join the discussion, or sit back and learn something new :)