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Luke Sleeman (Freelancer ( Building The Australian War Memorial Visitor Audio Experience

With the 100th year anniversary of World War 1 the Australian War Memorial in Canberra needed to provide a unique way for visitors to experience their displays. Learn how an interactive audio experience was created, using 200 nexus 5 devices, indoor positioning and an interactive touch wall!

Peter Robertson ( (Seven Dimensions ( Mobile Apps Without Servers?

The vast majority of mobile applications transact with the cloud to conduct e-commerce transactions and work with data on server-based storage systems.

In this presentation I will give a brief overview of a new paradigm where there are no servers, where every application using the network strengthens and speeds up the network, where there is simply no single point of failure, and where personal security and privacy are the defaults. Very importantly, I'll also explain how developers in the mobile space are ideally placed to transition to this new network environment as it comes online to challenge the existing centralised model.

These server-based storage systems range from single, physical servers to large server farms delivering optimised content delivery. These centralised architectures have delivered great benefits over the past twenty years and still allow the easy deployment of sophisticated applications and data sets. They also concentrate security, power and air conditioning requirements in specific geographical locations and must be scaled in direct proportion to the number of people using them. Cost, scaleability and security are the consistent challenges to the continued operation of this model, and successful intrusion attacks generally net massive payloads across numerous individual users. In a large corporation, one person getting hacked can often mean that the whole company has been hacked.

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