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Students of Truth, Seekers of Wisdom, Join us in our exploration of a whole new Universe - the one you did not know existed when studying in schools and graduating from universities.. Venture out with us far beyond the limits of what is considered "possible" by most people in the main-stream establishment. Learn with us the amazing secrets and lost sciences of the ancients - understood and re-discovered today by the mavericks on the fringes of science.. Magic is simply a technology which we don't yet understand.. Explore with us the true history of the world and the true science to help make sense of the world we live in:

From Natural Living and Natural Healing to New Physics and Free-Energy. From Super-Human potential and Esoteric Teachings to Extra-Terrestrial Politics and New Harmonious Living-Together Social Movements..This and anything in between plus so much more.. We have semi-regular group meetings with various most interesting speakers and stimulating discussions

Our meetings attract anywhere between 20-30 to 50-70 people or occasionally even more.. depending on topic, weather, time of the year and many other variable factors. One thing is constant : you always feel buzz and excitement after the meeting. and you always will learn something new and amazing, and meet and share with like minded others...

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