• F#%K UP Night: Turning Failures into Lessons

    Made to Create is hosting a F#%K UP Night - Turning Failure into Lessons, and you are all invited! As a creative, you are probably familiar with failure. You know how it goes: you try and try, but there is no breakthrough, or you made the wrong choice for your creative career, or your work was torn to shreds by your critics, or perhaps your business never really took off. Well, you are not alone. In this special meetup event moderated by Kylie Mouat, we bring to you a panel of 4 established creatives, who will share some of their failing stories. You will have the opportunity to learn from an interactive conversation about: • Reframing the perception of failure • Learning from your mistakes • Forgiving your critics and letting go of your regrets • Having the courage to try again YOUR MODERATOR Kylie Mouat is the personification of communication. She has spent the last twenty-five years teaching communication both nationally and internationally covering WA, Victoria, London and New York. She has worked in state education, private education and the private corporate sector. Her expertise is in her down-to-earth and humorous approach to truly understanding her clients and audience. THE PANEL OF CHAMPS Community: MarDee Kaylock She has over 35 years experience in theatre and during those years she performed, directed and produced both locally and overseas earning respect as a theatre practitioner. As a teacher, counsellor and suicide intervention trainer she has worked in local government, state education and community service sectors. Performing Arts: Andrew Pilcher Andrew is a physiotherapist with expertise with singers, dancers, acrobats and other high-level performers. With his extensive background in Vocal Physiotherapy, Andrew has been lecturing in many of London’s top performance institutes. He currently lectures in the Dance department at Melbourne’s Victoria College of the Arts teaching anatomy and physiology. Business: Taki Konstan Taki Konstan is a marketer with a speciality within digital strategy. He partners with CEOs, sales and marketing teams and start-ups to help them build their brand and grow their businesses. He has spent two decades working in digital marketing from start-ups to multinational brands. He calls himself a slow learner and has many failure stories which he now sees as integral to never-ending learning. Film & Production: Eliza Charley Eliza Charley is an actor, producer and business consultant, currently writing a book all about failure. Amidst the ups and downs of failure, career changes, illness and divorce, she has worked on popular television shows, led the cast in award-winning short films and performed in sold-out shows in Melbourne. Eliza is currently working with not-for-profit CoDesign Studio and tech startup Neighbourlytics to help them improve social cohesion in neighbourhoods reducing loneliness and boost cultural connection. INVESTMENT Tickets are sold by donation. Bookings are essential and RSVP-ing will not guarantee you a spot. Please book here: https://events.humanitix.com.au/failure Suggested contribution of $10. Includes wine & cheese. WE HAVE A NEW VENUE! Made to Create has moved in with crowdfunding organisation, Pozible. Our new address is Level 2,[masked] Langridge St, Collingwood. PROGRAM - NEW START TIME! 6:30 pm: Arrival, enjoy wine & cheese and make friends 7:30 pm: Reflective activity 1 7:45 pm: Panel session 8:45 pm: Reflective activity 2 9:00 pm: Conclude

  • How to Develop the Central Conflict of a Story

    How to Develop the Central Conflict of a Story What: A class for writers/producers/creatives on how to develop a dramatic central conflict for a story. A hands-on class that practises developing central conflicts while learning principles of how to do this. Class Structure: a) Introduction re the importance/nature of a strong central conflict. b) Scott/the class will develop a vague story idea into a dramatic central conflict. c) Class/Scott will outline key principles underlying how this central conflict development was done. d) Time allowing, several class members will present their idea for a story and led by Scott the class will use the principles discussed to help develop these ideas. e) Class Q & A about story development and fiction writing generally. Who: Scott McConnell is a former Los Angeles film-TV producer and now a Melbourne-based script consultant/story concept developer and writer. Scott started in the business as a story analyst in LA reading scripts for Roger and Julie Corman, Samuel Goldwyn, Hallmark and the Sundance Institute, among others. He was later the showrunner (writer/producer/director) of the U.S. nationally syndicated Live Life and Win! and he co-wrote the reality series Hollywood Boot Camp. He is a member of the Producers Guild of America. Why: Scott believes that the key to writing a good story is how well its central conflict is first developed. Only from the seed of a good central conflict can a writer grow a great story tree. Scott also believes that there are objective ways to develop and improve a story’s central conflict and that these can be learned. Where: Pozible, 112 Langridge st, Collingwood When: Thursday June 6, 2019,[masked] PM Please arrive 10 mins early. Cost: Free admission for all booked attendees. Donation ok. To Reserve a Seat: RSVP to this meetup and be sure to show up. Contact: [masked] Learn more about Scott McConnell, the story guy: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottamcconnell/ Please share this link with any creatives who might be interested in this event. Lionel Jackman will be hosting this meetup. Founder of Melbourne Creative Professionals Meetup. RSVP, SHARE, SEE YOU THERE. https://www.meetup.com/Melbournecreativeprofessionals/events/261125272 Pozible is an Australian born, global crowdfunding platform that has specialised in all-or-nothing, reward based crowdfunding since 2010. We are a small and dedicated team that offers anyone the opportunity to launch an idea.