• F#%K UP Night: Turning Failures into Lessons

    **Event Booked Out** If you have RSVPed but have not registered, please secure your spots here: https://events.humanitix.com.au/failure Made to Create is hosting a F#%K UP Night - Turning Failure into Lessons, and you are all invited! As a creative, you are probably familiar with failure. You know how it goes: you try and try, but there is no breakthrough, or you made the wrong choice for your creative career, or your work was torn to shreds by your critics, or perhaps your business never really took off. Well, you are not alone. In this special meetup event moderated by Kylie Mouat, we bring to you a panel of 4 established creatives, who will share some of their failing stories. You will have the opportunity to learn from an interactive conversation about: • Reframing the perception of failure • Learning from your mistakes • Forgiving your critics and letting go of your regrets • Having the courage to try again YOUR MODERATOR Kylie Mouat is the personification of communication. She has spent the last twenty-five years teaching communication both nationally and internationally covering WA, Victoria, London and New York. She has worked in state education, private education and the private corporate sector. Her expertise is in her down-to-earth and humorous approach to truly understanding her clients and audience. THE PANEL OF CHAMPS Community: MarDee Kaylock She has over 35 years experience in theatre and during those years she performed, directed and produced both locally and overseas earning respect as a theatre practitioner. As a teacher, counsellor and suicide intervention trainer she has worked in local government, state education and community service sectors. Performing Arts: Andrew Pilcher Andrew is a physiotherapist with expertise with singers, dancers, acrobats and other high-level performers. With his extensive background in Vocal Physiotherapy, Andrew has been lecturing in many of London’s top performance institutes. He currently lectures in the Dance department at Melbourne’s Victoria College of the Arts teaching anatomy and physiology. Business: Taki Konstan Taki Konstan is a marketer with a speciality within digital strategy. He partners with CEOs, sales and marketing teams and start-ups to help them build their brand and grow their businesses. He has spent two decades working in digital marketing from start-ups to multinational brands. He calls himself a slow learner and has many failure stories which he now sees as integral to never-ending learning. Film & Production: Eliza Charley Eliza Charley is an actor, producer and business consultant, currently writing a book all about failure. Amidst the ups and downs of failure, career changes, illness and divorce, she has worked on popular television shows, led the cast in award-winning short films and performed in sold-out shows in Melbourne. Eliza is currently working with not-for-profit CoDesign Studio and tech startup Neighbourlytics to help them improve social cohesion in neighbourhoods reducing loneliness and boost cultural connection. INVESTMENT Tickets are sold by donation. Bookings are essential and RSVP-ing will not guarantee you a spot. Please book here: https://events.humanitix.com.au/failure Suggested contribution of $10. Includes wine & cheese. WE HAVE A NEW VENUE! Made to Create has moved in with crowdfunding organisation, Pozible. Our new address is Level 2,[masked] Langridge St, Collingwood. PROGRAM - NEW START TIME! 6:30 pm: Arrival, enjoy wine & cheese and make friends 7:30 pm: Reflective activity 1 7:45 pm: Panel session 8:45 pm: Reflective activity 2 9:00 pm: Conclude

  • Jim's Aussie Song History Singalong Session

    The Clyde Hotel

    Jim is writing a book about spiritual values, one of which is joy. Making music is an expression of joy. Having brought so much energy and welcoming vibe to previous meetup's, he has a talent to bring creatives together. Research shows singing is VERY good for your well being. Experience Australia's history through its songs and song history from aboriginal times to now. Learn the choruses of each song from Jim and singalong with the chorus. No singing skills needed! Old fashioned singalong as everyone did before technology took over the world - at work, at home, parties, pubs etc. Small connection exercises with people next to you with some songs so everyone connects. Jim will give the history of each song and sing the verses to everyone with people joining in the choruses. Have a drink beforehand to loosen your inhibitions. Live your courage and your joy!!! This event will make you feel great! 6.30pm to 6.55pm socializing 6.55pm Welcome to the Meetup by Organiser Viola 7pm-8pm Jim's Aussie Song History Singalong Session 8pm to 8.30pm plus socializing See you there, upstairs room at the Clyde Hotel near Melbourne Uni. Easy to get there! Kind Regards, Viola and Jim.

  • Reclaiming Beauty

    Two Dots Co-working Collective

    Beauty isn't only found in perfection - sometimes cracks, chaos and wrinkles can be perfectly beautiful. In this meetup, John explores the landscape of Beauty as it currently exists in a consumer society, and the way in which Beauty could be recontextualised to change not just people’s appreciation of art but of themselves. John's talk will challenge the beliefs we have of who we are, give us a new perspective on society and insight on identifying beauty within ourselves. It will inspire us to seek true beauty, capture it and create it in our art and journey. About John John Englezos is a freelance photographer, a spoken word poet and Melbourne’s 2015 Poetry Slam Champion. John was on the first Australian team to represent at the National Poetry Slam in Denver Colorado in 2017. His creative work centres around notions of Hope, Identity and Wonder. He has run workshops in the fields of live performance and visual arts, is a speaker coach for Tedx St Kilda, and an uncle to four amazing kids. Program 6:00pm - Arrive, get a drink & make friends 7:00pm - Speaker speaks 7:30pm - Interactive activities/Discussion 8:00pm - Mingle 8:30pm - Conclude Our Sponsor Thank you to Two Dots Co-working Collective for sponsoring us a wonderful venue for us to meet. Two Dots Co-working Collective is co-working space designed to connect like-minded, passionate and talented people together in an environment that is as much about helping others as it is helping your business grow. By donation - suggested contribution of $10. Includes wine & cheese. BOOK YOUR SPOT HERE: https://events.humanitix.com.au/reclaiming-beauty RSVP-ing on this meetup page WILL NOT reserve your spot. Please sign up via the event link above.

  • Mixing talents gathering

    Hawthorn Arts Centre

    You're invited along to the Networking, Tips for Goals, Opportunity to Contribute to events later in year extravaganza! Well, that sounds good so why not! Here's some more information. Part 1. [masked]pm Hawthorn Arts Centre has a seriously cool array of creative disciplines to share, and every 2 months they host a gathering for people who are into various art disciplines at any level. I encourage you to come along and also check out the other summer events they have in their calendar- perhaps you may just find some new friends to go with! More details on the link below, read on for Part 2. https://www.boroondara.vic.gov.au/events/boroondara-creative-network-meeting-0 Part 2. [masked]/4 Pitch and collaborate Glenferrie Hotel 324 Burwood Road Hawthorn www.glenferriehotel.com.au If you are ready for lunch this is the spot.......or a drink in the beer garden. I have been advised the afternoons are fairly quiet and booked a table for 10+. A group discussion to share your hopes and and ambitions for being involved in this Creative Meetup. That's right, your opportunity to let the organiser know, your courage to step up and take the spotlight for upcoming meetups (no this does not require you to attend all of them). *Ideas jar//pop your suggestion down on paper *Introductions and short pitch about your talent *Accelerate your networking at these events <3 by volunteering to assist with welcoming or organising *Got a business to promote? Donate a prize or sponsor event collateral for a special shout out in the newsletter *De-brief about the afternoon and if you have made some nice connections In 2018 it was really great to have many of the wonderful people in this group share their journey, knowledge, talent with others to connect, inspire, enjoy. 2019 again is for you to join in and share. Hope to see people creating a community that is vibrant, fun, welcoming. Lets use the collective minds to make it great! PS. Here is the closed facebook group where you are most welcome to share any upcoming events you think others might enjoy. The discussion feature on the meetup page is a great way to make a callout ie if you are looking to connect with someone with particular skills. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MelbourneCreativeProfessionals/ Thank you for your participation. Viola Platte Organiser

  • All Things New hosted by Made to Create

    Two Dots Co-working Collective

    The NEW YEAR is here! Join us for our very first meet up for 2019 to welcome ALL THINGS NEW! This year, there will be new friendships, new projects, new collaborations and new creative ideas to be had and lived out. Write, sing, paint, dance or cook, whatever you want to create, let your heart decide. We will kick off with some drinks & nibbles and time to connect with one another. Then there will be opportunities to share our creative goals & dreams and we will conclude with a couple of creative intention activities to set the tone for the new year. Program: 6:00pm - Arrive, get a drink & make friends 7:00pm - Share creative goals & dreams 7:30pm - Creative intention activities 8:00pm - Mingle & conclude 8:30pm - Continue the conversation at Naked for Satan Roof Top Bar. More info at meetup. Cost: By donation. Suggested amount - $5 to cover wine, soft drinks & nibbles. We would like to thank our sponsor, Two Dots Co-working Collective for letting us use their venue free of charge.

  • Traveling creatives meet the locals

    Welcome To Thornbury

    Afternoon in the beer garden of Welcome to Thornbury. You will have the opportunity to connect with the group through creatively inspired group conversations. This topic will be introducing Traveling creatives to local creatives. Bounce off each other and get heaps of cool ideas to have fun over the rest of the summer. How this will work: 4pm Grab a drink & start conversations - best time to get to know people! 4.30pm Host to announce agenda 4.40pm Guest Speaker from Backpacker Deals to talk about how traveling trends are presently. tbc. https://www.backpackerdeals.com/ 5.05 Top up drinks/refreshment break 5.15 Leader to split into 3 groups, make it a game get creative and discuss how to make the most of time in Melbourne. Group 1. Events on in Melbourne Group 2. Creative projects to collaborate with Group 3. Creative communities 5.45 Each group shares so everyone gets a great range of ideas, this can also be done in a creatively entertaining way. 6.15 End with more conversations with the cool people you met and go grab a bite at the foodtrucks. See you there! Viola Platte Organiser

  • Dance - A Metaphor for Life

    Two Dots Co-working Collective


    Using dance as a metaphor for life, Alex Gray will be sharing some insights on the idea of elasticity. Elasticity is an important characteristic for movement that allows a natural flow without stress and injury, whilst fully leaning into our full capabilities. Alex uses this concept and the relationship between push and pull to describe the way we live. Whether you are a dancer or not, you are bound to take away a fresh perspective and wisdom drawn from his lived experience and constant reflection. About Alex Gray: Experiences include living in Australia, France and the US and being the Host and Curator at the NAB Village, Docklands. Whilst nurturing a community for startups and small businesses, Alex is also balancing what it takes to be a professional dancer, often representing Australia on the world stage, and most recently came back as world champion finalists at the 2018 World Street Dance Championship held in Chang Sha, China. Heads up: Alex WILL most likely show us a dance move or two. ------------------------------------ Up Close and Personal: Made to Create has a short chat with Viola Platte, Bucket List Coach, Creator of Melbourne Dream Scenes, organiser of Melbourne Creative Professionals Meetup since 2017. Viola's passion is to create experiences that are inspiring, to encourage self-discovery, interesting topics to action, topped with an adventurous element. By curiously trying on a refreshed attitude, it is possible to experience unexpected growth and creativity insights. We will have a short interview with Viola about her journey and her WHY. ------------------------------------- Program: 6:30-7:00pm - Arrive and make friends 7:00-7:30pm - Alex speaks 7:30-7:45pm - Discussion 7:45-8:00pm - Up close & personal with Viola Platte 8:00-8:45pm - Social 8:45-9:00pm - Pack up All creatives welcome. $5 entry fee for wine & nibbles. **Thank you to Two Dots Co-working Collective for sponsoring us a wonderful venue for us to meet.**

  • Laughter Tuesday

    WeWork 152 Elizabeth St

    Give yourself permission to curiously go to an event focused on laughter. Admittedly, this is a fun experiment facilitating activities that will surely get you smiling, sharing stories and enjoying Laughter Tuesday. The idea somehow ended up on my bucket list to spontaneously run a laughter session, so with further back up from Glenda at Made 2 Create suggesting 'Shits and Giggles' and the venue We Work, here is another meetup for You. Option - Bring plate of food/nibbles There seems to be special guests coming too - TBA soon. 6pm Last silly thing you saw someone do or say 6.15pm Did you say jump and clap? 6.30pm/break List of what feeling happy means to you Funny fact about you 6.45pm Swinging laughter Dizzy Mummy 7.00pm Pass the laugh Bring something to pass 7.30pm Nibbles 8pm End of event, Thanks for joining **subject to change** Kind Regards, Viola https://my.bucketlistcoach.com/viola-platte Bucket List Board Party, 27th October https://www.facebook.com/melbournedreamscenes/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/MelbourneCreativeProfessionals/ https://www.facebook.com/madetocreate.melbourne/

  • Re-imagining Our Creative Culture

    The Merri Clan

    Melbourne Creatives! You are invited to Made to Create's first solo meetup! We are re-imagining our creative culture and would love for you to join us! Details and below: If we had the opportunity to change the landscape of our creative culture, what would it look like? Would we change our policies, federal budgets or perhaps leadership in creative industries? They would definitely help, but Glenda Ninnis together with Eugene Wong, leaders on the Made to Create team, believe that the change starts from a place much closer to home. Their aim is to open the topic for discussion and provide a safe space for ideas to be heard in how we can bring about change to our creative culture in our own worlds. Join us for an interactive session at our very first solo meetup gathering. All creatives welcome. Program: 6:30-7:00pm: Arrive, get a drink & make friends 7:00-7:15pm: Welcome/Introductions 7:15-8:15pm: Glenda & Eugene - tag team, interactive group session 8:15-9:00pm: Chill with new friends About Glenda Ninnis: Glenda had been working as a graphic designer for 16 years before she realised that she needed to pursue her life purpose. She believes that her purpose is to inspire and empower people so they could be free to be who they are meant to be. As the Chief Initiator of Made to Create, her role is to provide opportunities for people to nurture their creativity and discover their true identity. Committed mother and wife with an entrepreneurial heart, Glenda hopes to inspire a community of people to believe that they are made to be great. About Eugene Wong: Eugene is a producer and director, with experience as a performer spanning three decades in theatre, film, TV and radio. He cares about people and the way they connect with each other. He was the founding director of Candlelight Productions, an organisation that uses the arts to strengthen community and shape culture. Eugene has taught masterclasses on leadership and events for the College of Event Management, the City of Boroondara and Lion Heart Dance Company. He is currently the Lead Consultant at The Pericho Alliance, providing companies and community groups with specialist support on community engagement and event management. About The Merri Clan: We are grateful to The Merri Clan for offering their venue at no charge. They are a top-rated vegan cafe and bar in the northside, offering vegan burgers, loaded fries, craft beer, cocktails and organic wine. Please note: If you intend to have dinner, please indicate in your RSVP so we can let the kitchen know to expect you. Photo by Bernard Spragg - https://www.flickr.com/photos/volvob12b/

  • Pitch party, share a story, meetup with creatives

    It has been a while since we have had the opportunity for you to practice your pitch. 1st time or 50th time, this is your invitation to prepare a 2-5 minute spiel about what you do. A great way to communicate your message and for others attending to connect with you if they also have similar interests or skills. NB: Limited pitching places - please let organiser know on the night or by email before-hand if you would like to do this. [masked] The back-room at Loop accommodates 30-40 people. Please arrive on time so that the event can run on schedule. [masked]pm: Make a name badge, get a drink and Meetup with other creatives[masked]pm: Pitches and stories[masked]pm: Upcoming events & news[masked]pm Chat with a couple of people who you feel like you need to connect with Room needs to be cleared at 830pm though you are welcome to stay in the venue or continue your night with your new friends somewhere else. ******************************************************************************* LOOP Project Space & Bar is a progressive creative hub which aims to nurture the arts community, inspire public dialogue and support social and environmental progress. We encourage art and ideas which push the boundaries: in experimentation, curiosity,and exploration; art which aims to expand horizons and, ultimately, that which reforms society. We deliver an ever-changing daily arts program in a unique cultural setting merging cutting-edge technology, art and sustainability. We are a fully-accessible, safe and inclusive space with a free or low-cost program. We have an open door policy and no one should be turned away for lack of funds. Please subscribe to our newsletter: http://www.looponline.com.au/subscribe/ To become a part of our community please email: [masked] Join the PITCH PARTY SATURDAY 8th September, RSVP now! Kindest regards, Viola Platte Organiser Certified Bucket List Coach https://my.bucketlistcoach.com/viola-platte