What we're about

Our online classes are "Calming," & "Heart-Opening,"
according to 87% of our Meetup Group Members.

75% say they're "Refreshing.

They also describe them as being: "Welcoming," "Inclusive,"
"Gentle," "Unique," "Safe," "Helpful," "Inspiring,"
"Clarifying," "Rejuvenating," "Uplifting" & "Awesome!"

No Pre-Requisites.
Beginners & Drop-ins Welcome.
No Experience Necessary.

Everyone Welcome.
Each Class is Different, Each Week.

You can join us at any time,
and not feel like You've missed anything.

Saturday Mornings = Online:
Music & Greetings begin at 9:45am Pacific Time.

Followed at 10am by Our Calming Sound Experience
that starts with:
--A Breathing Exercise,
--Some Light & Easy Physical Warm-ups
--A Unique Meditation,
followed by:
--A Journey of Etheric Gong Vibrations,
to carry You into a Higher Stratosphere,
as You Release the thoughts, feelings, memories
& other elements that no longer serve You.

These are Exercises & Meditations that Anyone can do,
Even in a chair.

You can use a chair or couch in the comfort
of Your Own Home.

Or You can use a Yoga Mat or Blanket to lay on
during the Gong Relaxation, with a Pillow or Cushion
nearby for Your Extra Comfort.

You might also want to have some water handy
for Your Refreshment.

Join us, and You'll Enjoy A Fresh, Beautiful & Relaxing
Sound Experience in every class,
featuring our 34-inch Brilliant Symphonic Gong
and our 38" Sound Creation Earth Gong.

Each Gong Bath will allow All of Your Body Systems
to Balance & Integrate with each other
= It's Very Cosmic & Refreshing!

Why not give us a try?

Please RSVP to get exact Zoom Log-In Info.

We look forward to meeting YOU!
Have a Beautiful Day!

Love & Blessings to You!

~With Gratitude,
~Sunny Hills, Eugene, Oregon
Instructor of Kundalini Yoga,
Certified By the Kundalini Research Institute,
Espanola, New Mexico
Began this practice August 6, 1971, at the age of 19
Questions Welcome Anytime (24/7)
Call & leave a message -- or send a text.
My Cell # ==> (808) 359-4926

MORE: ==>

These Are Easy Classes = Perfect for anyone at any level,
even beginners who think they cannot do Yoga or Meditation.

It's NOT a competition.
Whatever You can do, is PERFECT for YOU!

We emphasize the Meditation & Double-Gong Relaxation
with Breathing Exercises,
more than yoga warmup exercises in our class.

We do 7 to 9 minutes of simple physical stretching
as a warm-up, preparing You for our
Beautiful Meditations, which anyone can do.

Interestingly, Gong Baths & Meditation
are the 2 best ways to Clear Your Subconscious Mind
of old habits & thought patterns that no longer serve You
= So Important in Today's Stressful World.

Some of the Benefits of this Practice:

---Unify Your Body, Mind & Soul, while Exploring Your Most Beautiful Self.
---Improve Your sense of Well-Being, while Balancing & Supporting
Your Respiratory, Circulatory, Nervous & Glandular Systems.
---Calm & Focus Your Mind, while Expanding & Elevating Your Awareness.
---Experience Your Infinite Self, Your Divinity & Your Oneness With All.

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