What we're about

Memoir Writers Meetup is for memoir and personal essay writers/ aspiring writers who need help with motivation, inspiration, and "critiquing" their work. Mostly, it is a community to keep writers committed to actually writing.

Our meetups will involve 3 things:
1) an hour of quiet writing
2) each of us reading what we have written that day (some days limited to 3 pages depending on how many people have shown up that day).
3) each of us getting a "critique" that consists solely of being asked questions
- This critiquing method is incredibly useful for helping writers develop their work and avoids the risks of stifling the writing process, which is sometimes brought about by more conventional critiquing methods.

(The guidelines for the Question-Only Critiquing Method are available in the group files)

We meet once a week.

Meetings are usually in the early evening on weekdays or during the day/afternoons on the weekends.

Meetings are in North County, San Diego. Meetups usually happen in Solana Beach or Del Mar.


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