What we're about

Welcome to MemorySave's Los Angeles Chapter!

This group is for you if:

You want to record video messages today for delivery some time into the future.

Why would you want to do this? Some thoughts below:

• Record family history.

• Preserve Grandpa's best stories.

• Leave legacy messages.

• Wedding / birthday / bar/t mitzvah / anniversary messages.

• Holiday greetings.

• "Be there" for your friends, family, and loved ones by recording an entire registry of thoughts, love, wisdom, and sentiments your recipients can access anytime.

What will this Meetup do?

First and foremost, this will be a safe place for participants to share, discuss, and explore why it is important to record these sentiments. Life can be tough -- illness, aging, estranged relationships. Each member is encouraged to be brave and share their experiences in this group. By sharing, you might dramatically improve and help another member experiencing a similar situation.

We will take time to be introspective and ask ourselves tough questions.

We will discuss publically and consider privately questions like:

What is most important to communicate before it’s too late?

Who are the most important people in our lives? Why do they mean so much to us?

What do we have to say to them?

What would we regret not having said?

What are our hopes for those who will continue living after we have passed?

What are the most important lessons in life you’d like to share with your son? Your daughter? Your parents?

A MemorySave terminal will be available for anyone ready to record, save, and schedule a personal video message.

People we are trying our best to reach:

Palliative care / terminally-ill patients.

Dementia / Alzheimer's patients.

Family members, friends, caretakers, or loved ones of those diagnosed with the conditions mentioned above.

Our group is a safe place for participants to share, discuss, and explore these most challenging moments in life. Let's contribute to and learn from one another.

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MemorySave Meetup

Venice - Abbot Kinney Memorial Branch Library

MemorySave Meetup

Venice - Abbot Kinney Memorial Branch Library

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