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What does it mean to be a Man nowadays in our fast paced world?

Is there even such a thing as being Male anymore other than due to what's in your pants?

What does it mean to have & use masculine power? It is certainly not the same for us as in our Grandfathers time.

I want to offer a group to look at & discuss some of these things & more. Giving you a chance to explore the fullness of You & what it means to you to be a Man!

Is being male about sports, beer & sex? About being a lover or a fighter? A hero or a villain? A saint or a sinner? Is being a Man about cutting out emotion & weakness, & becoming a hard 'dead person'? Or only showing a softer side 'when it's safe'?

I want to challenge you, to find all of 'You' & celebrate it all. All the pieces that you are using, & also the bits you hide, the bits you were told to leave alone, told that they were 'no good'. I want you to open up to & explore the deep respect you have for yourself, & the strong presence you bring with you as being a strong male.

I have spent my life trying to be the best at what I do, this has lead me to deep paths of learning & responsibility. I have looked deeply at science, martial arts, spirituality, sex... And from what I've learnt pretty much everything comes down to sex metaphors; strength, straightness, openness, excitement, etc etc...

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