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[Vancouver] A council of highly supportive men
Men: Meet with us in an all-male environment for unvarnished conversation. Feel welcome to disclose (and have) deep-rooted personal feelings. In our two men's groups, we practice the ability to cut through bullshit and look at ourselves "in the mirror." We'll have a close look at things together in an atmosphere of safety. Get the perspectives of fellow men, the wisdom of the group. This is a confidential place for real support. A place to examine issues in oneself, relationships, work, and so on. WHO WE ARE We're not a forum for public issues and advocacy. We are also not a replacement for mental health support. We are just normal men. Men of all ages and races, with various backgrounds and ambitions, and without any shared affiliation with a religion or particular school of thought. Our 2 groups (of ideally 6 to 9 men each) have been meeting weekly, for years, in New Westminster and Vancouver. Currently, we are welcoming new men to join us. BEING CHALLENGED Because we value authenticity in others and ourselves, if someone feels you are not being genuine, forthcoming, or realistic, you might get feedback about that (if you are open to it.) It'll be a measured and caring challenge to look at things differently or be accountable. BEING IN A GROUP There's another element you may come to appreciate: learning how to really be part of a group. A brotherhood. How to make decisions together. And notice what role you have, how others see you. Collisions will occur, but that is okay. Let's talk about them. Let's really figure things out. Our groups are safe spaces wherein we can learn to sit in conflict and not lose our voices. SO, if you want to attend a meeting, feel welcome on Tuesdays in Vancouver or Thursdays in New Westminster. Come meet our men and witness the inestimable connection we have. You can expect us to be interested in your story and respond with curiosity. Your willingness to speak will be valued. Tell us what's going on for you, what it's like to be in your situation, what it's like to be you, a good man, and possibly in a tough spot. Come and speak the unspoken. Free yourself of private burdens by sharing them. Be the you you really are. → Call (do not text)[masked] if you cannot enter the building ~ self-image ~ purpose ~ shame ~ overwhelm ~ accomplishments ~ the male identity ~ moral dilemmas ~ life course ~ work ~ harassment ~ stress ~ recognition ~ ambition ~ relationships ~ loneliness ~ sex ~ family ~ health ~ discord ~ belonging ~ responsibilities ~


318 Homer Street Unit 410 · Vancouver, BC

What we're about

Men in the Mirror are two men's groups (New Westminster & Vancouver) that meet weekly for deep-felt conversation.

Speak openly, with ease, and lidless with men who you can really trust and count on.

• Talk fearlessly about defeat, meaning, rage, ...

• Always know what the others feel

• Disillusionments ― tremendously strong and joyful

The well-tuned connections [ deep friendship ] within men's groups are the result of hard work. Up and down through stages of feelings of omnipotence, doubt, guilt, loss, conflicts in relationships.
Expect the group to be receptive to your reason and passion. We have comfortable dialogues about what matters most. Weekly meetings to quest our unsoiled sentiments.

Has it been a while since you felt truly valued somewhere?

Do you even know what you are entitled to in life?

Men in the Mirror groups are brotherly environments to cultivate the male soul; for when you are stuck in pain and a place of isolation.
Our groups have no set topics, we just come together to talk about whatever is on our minds. We discuss how to deal with things, what we see as virtuous, what we consider right action. There is room to speak about what we feel ashamed of, feel confused about, or are afraid of.

But it is not all downhearted. We can cheer someone's accomplishments or honour someone's fortitude. The mature man: only be, what you only are, what you always would.

SO: if you care to talk to others and investigate how to live life the right way, then drop by for tea and a talk. Join us for unvarnished conversation and exchanges of consolation.

Being reinless is strangely comforting.
Men in the Mirror.

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• There is a membership of $10 twice a year, payable in cash or by PayPal (, but you are welcome to check us out for a few times first.

• Although it is helpful when you RSVP, it is not essential.

• New applicants are welcome to request a conversation by phone if that would help them decide whether this group is for them. Either write the organizer (Kelly for New Westminster, or Tristan for Vancouver) via their profile.

• You can expect a comfortable, confidential and judgment-free environment.

• Our group's principles resemble those as described in the book 'Handbook for Starting and Keeping! a Men's Group (' by Felix Markevicius (

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To stay up-to-date about other events happening for men in metro Vancouver, check the Mender calendar (

And for discussions about anything related to men's work, join the Vancouver Men's Network ( Facebook group.

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