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“Men in the Mirror” is not accepting new attendees. Any man who has ever attended a meeting is welcome to attend by joining the Skype call on Tuesdays at 6 pm.

Many other local men's groups exist. See the list at: http://mender.ca/groups/

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“Men in the Mirror” is a men's group in Vancouver that meets weekly for deep-felt conversation.

Speak openly and feel at ease with men you can really trust and count on.

● Talk fearlessly about defeat, meaning, and rage

● Always know what the others are feeling

● Conquer disillusionment ― tremendously strong and joyful

The well-tuned connections and deep friendships within men's groups are the result of hard work. We go up and down through the stages of each feeling, whether we’re discussing omnipotence, doubt, guilt, loss, or conflicts in relationships. Expect the group to be receptive to your reason and passion. We have comfortable dialogues about what matters most to us. Weekly meetings to quest after our unsoiled sentiments.

● Has it been a while since you truly felt valued somewhere?

● Do you even know what you are entitled to in life?

● What could the group do to really support you?

Men in the Mirror is a brotherly environment for cultivating the male soul and for helping you when you are stuck, in pain, or in a place of isolation.

Our group does not use set topics; we just come together to talk about whatever is on our minds. We discuss how to deal with situations, what we see as virtuous, or what we consider to be the right action. There is room to speak about what we feel ashamed of, are confused about, or are afraid of. And at other times, we can cheer a member's accomplishments or honour his fortitude.

So: if you care to talk to other men and investigate their views on how to live life the right way, then meet with us for a talk. Join us for unvarnished conversation and exchanges of consolation. You can expect a comfortable, confidential, and judgement-free environment.

Being reinless is strangely comforting.

―Men in the Mirror

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― The structure of the meeting ―

At the beginning of the evening, one of the more experienced men is selected as the host. He will determine the flow of the meeting and will also make sure that men do not interrupt one another.

The first part of the meeting is for check-ins. Every man can speak for a few minutes to disclose whatever is going on for him. At this stage, the other men only listen.

During the second part of the meeting, the host moderates various rounds of conversations. Typically, the personal subjects raised during the check-ins are looked at more closely, but new matters are welcome too. Before a man can speak, he needs to visually indicate to the host that he wants to jump in.

Any man is free to decline being the topic of discussion.

Men in the Mirror is a confidential group. This is the only rule and it concerns both the contents of the meeting and the identity of the men.

You are requested to arrive on time, stay for the duration of the meeting, enable your camera, and find a room where no family members or roommates will be present.

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● See the documentary at http://menneedmen.com

● There is a membership fee of $30 per year, which is payable by eTransfer, PayPal (https://paypal.me/meninthemirror/20), or in cash. However, you are welcome to check us out a few times before committing to any payments.

● You are welcome to request a conversation by phone if that would help you decide whether this group is right for you. Simply write Tristan (the organizer) via meetup.com.

● For discussions about anything related to men's work, join the Vancouver Men's Network Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/239176266414738/).

● There are also many other men's groups in British Columbia (http://mender.ca/groups/).

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