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Men's Choices is a group for "men's men" who want to understand better the relationships that men have with each other, and want to capitalize on the emotionally therapeutic and self-affirming benefits of having masculine role models and friends. The ultimate goal being to acquaint you with other men you can learn from and take into your life for mutual support and friendship.

We welcome all kinds of men, we welcome all backgrounds, orientations, levels of masculinity, and political beliefs, including MRAs, MGTOWs, GGTOWS, and so-called INCELS. This is not a political group per se, so we do not discriminate based on previously held beliefs.

We are looking to connect men with other men for the natural support that men need from each other. We seek to magnify your masculinity and bring out the best in what makes a man a man.

Far too often men are raised in situations without male role models, or are surrounded by women and take on their points of view, and even behaviors. This has resulted in many men not understanding the role of masculinity in their lives. Men are now being told to devalue their own masculinity, or that it is toxic. This is a lie. It is a manipulation to make men who have lost touch with their masculine side feel better for not having proper male influence, and to shame men who are struggling to understand and practice positive masculinity. Most of us have to go out and find what masculinity means on our own. But there's always something missing, whether your substitute is sports, sex, cars, technology, etc. you are only focusing on the superficial aspects of manliness.

This group will explore EXPERIENTIALLY the deeper aspects of those things men seek and need from other men: acceptance, guidance, affection, and camaraderie, among other things. This will be achieved by group discussions, exercises, and outings that reinforce the bonds that men can create with one another that go beyond mere sexuality or small talk. These experiences will teach you about the breadth of masculinity and show you how you can become a leader in your own corner of the world, without fearing "mansplaining" or being too toxic. My theory is that masculinity only becomes toxic when it is unguided and unchecked. This is what having self-actualized men in your life can prevent.

Our meetings take the form of a “pack” lead by an alpha. While all will participate, the alpha will be the accepted and acknowledged leader for the purpose of transferring the knowledge of his life lessons.

So join up if you're curious to see what having masculinity oriented men can offer your life experience.

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