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We are a group of active and retired business, government, and military professionals that gather twice a month to drink too-strong coffee and down bagels while we listen to an invited speaker. All with the goal of better understanding our fellow man.

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William Berkson: How to Apply the Guidelines of Living from Sages of Long Ago

Author William Berkson walks us through his view on Pirke Avot, one of the great contributions of the Jewish tradition to our modern ethical thought. Quoting from the Goodreads review (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/19067306-pirke-avot), "Berkson looks at the individual sayings, or mishnayot, through the interpretations of the great Jewish commentators and also within the broader context of Western thought—through views found in the Bible, the ancient Greeks, the Enlightenment, Buddhism, Confucianism, and American culture today." Join, reflect and discuss with us.

Words from the Faith Alliance For Climate Solutions with Eric Gopelrud

Local action is the focus of the Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions (https://www.faithforclimate.org/). Join us as Eric Gopelrud helps us understand exactly where to put our energy locally to make a surprisingly fast and clear difference in this shared crisis.

A Fellow in Egypt: Brett Nelson Recounts his Latest Trip of a Lifetime

Nothing can prepare you for the presence of the Great Pyramids. Brett Nelson shares his experience of this and other Egyptian Wonders.

What Everyone Should Know About PTSD with Steven Zappalla

St Anne's Episcopal Church

Dr. Zappalla brings to his clinical practice decades of active military service and his experience transitioning to civilian life. Join us as we learn how to honor with understanding those who have given to our common safety.

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Flying the Fastest Jet Ever Built with Buz Carpenter

St Anne's Episcopal Church

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