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We've been meeting pretty regularly for a few months, and I'm really happy with the commitment that the guys have shown. Over this time a confidence has developed between everyone, and it's become important in our lives. It would be great to add to the group. Why don't you consider joining us sometime, and see if this is as positive for you as it's been for us.

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This is a Meetup for guys who want to communicate and connect with other guys about more than sports and cars. Many men have a need to talk about more personal things that are important to them, but customs and attitudes in our world don’t generally allow it. When men talk to other men about anything personal, a wall usually goes up, and communication stops. This Meetup is for men to meet other men who want to talk about what’s important in their lives. This is for men who want to talk about their wives, children, problems at work, successes with what they dream about, or anything which is personal and meaningful. There are lots of Meetups for women, for business networking, family support, just getting together to talk, or whatever. But there are almost no such Meetups for men. Women just communicate better, and more freely. And even though men will never connect with each other just like women do, it would be healthy for men to be more open with each other. Men do need to communicate, share, empathize, and understand each other. I feel a need to connect with men more on that level. I need friends that I can share with more freely. We can give each other permission to do that. We can look for guys who want to talk about what’s going on with our wives, kids, frustrations, happiness, grief, success, whatever is actually going on. That’s the purpose of this Meetup, to bring that kind of guy together with other like-minded guys. I’m sure there’s lots of guys who also feel this need; I’m not unusual in this. This Meetup is for that kind of guy. It’s for someone who may already have all the usual guy friends he wants, and may have a wife and family, but also wants to be able to talk about things that mens’ friendships in our world don’t usually permit. Guys have issues which are most likely to be like other guys’ issues. So it would be great to share, talk these things out, and make new friendships that are based on sharing what’s important in our lives, not just on externalities like sports, or politics. These are OK. I follow sports and like to talk about them. But sports, movies, news, etc. are just not enough to feel a real connection. After that kind of conversation I don’t feel like I’ve made a connection, and I know I’m not alone in this. So here comes my disclaimer. I’m not a psychologist, and I’m not trying to “lead” this group. I want to be a member of this kind of group, and I can organize some meetings, and maybe make a place where guys who feel a similar need can connect. Not sure if this is for you? I’m not sure either. But it’s important to me to make a group like this work. Join us, help to make it work, and it may turn out to be a really good thing in your life. This Meetup doesn’t need a lot of guys to join to make it work. It does need the right kind of guy. If you can relate to the description above, you might be the right kind of guy.

Please note that guys often don't RSVP that they're going to the meetings. The meetings usually have from four to eight guys. So if you see only one or two who've RSVPd, there'll likely be more there.

Men of all ages have a need to communicate and connect this way. However, this group is aimed particularly for men, gay or straight, over 45. If you're under 45, why don't you consider starting a group of your own? I was uncertain about starting this group, but it has worked out well, with a committed set of guys. Your group could work out well, too.

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