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A group of men interested in exploring the shadows of their unconscious, getting support in relationships with women, healing trauma, and waking up to the wonder and mystery of life in this moment.

The facilitator, Eric Sjoberg has been facilitating Men's work for over 20 years, helping men to help each other and them selves. For more on Eric, see his website at www.EricSjoberg.com

Men struggle in ways that we do not get support around. Either we hide our struggle from those around us, by over working, or addiction to various things. Or we over work, or collapse. It is so difficult for us to get the help we need whether we are straight or gay without being seen as "soft" or "weak". This leaves us floundering. Coming into relationship with each other, and with women in a way that does not leave us lost in being dominating or domineering, but in a comfortable strength that comes from our center, integrating Power and Love. Learning how to express and receive love in authentic and profound ways without over giving, or collapsing is also key to becoming healthier, more vibrant men.

Note that from time to time, events and talks will be announced here where women will be invited. The intention here is to explore issues and questions with women, and between men and women.

Typical format for Talks (usually co-ed) : An opening meditation, then a talk by Eric, usually with experiential exercises. Then some time for question and answer, and perhaps some individual process work.

Typical format for Men's Groups: An opening meditation, and a short talk by Eric. Then each man offers a brief check-in; then a more in depth check in by each man; followed by some deeper work with one or more of the men, supported by all.

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Life Coach, Somatic Therapist

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