Men's Empowerment Through Eros - Animal & Anus

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Men’s Empowerment Through Eros - Animal & Anus Weekend
with Sadhu Valakhilyas
10:30-19:30 Saturday November 9th
10:30-18:00 Sunday November 10th

Unleash your power and surrender to the flow of your aliveness!
Release into your inner animal and explore the possibility of a more playful and nourishing relationship with your anus!

In this men’s weekend intimacy workshop you’ll be encouraged to get out of your head and into the instinctual ease of your animal! You’ll be invited to let go of your mental processes of labeling & analysing, and liberate & embody your wild hunger for life!

What if you could let go of control and express the wild freedom that lives in you?
What if you could be free to enjoy your anus?
What if you could trade in being a tight arse for being wild at heart and wild in your arse?

Our anuses are one of the most culturally shamed areas of our bodies. Expressing ourselves as animal is one of the most socially disapproved of ways of behaving. And yet our anuses can be an amazing resource of both deep relaxation and pleasure. And connecting with our animal self can give us direct access to our freedom, aliveness, power and playfulness.

Through shamanic ritual, erotic bodywork, deep process & archetypal work, breathwork, movement and more, you’ll explore what it is to be driven by the enlivened sensations of your body! Sadhu will guide and support you in releasing the grip of shame, shut down and harmful conditioning as you reclaim your relationship with both your anus and your wildness as your own!

Come and embody your primal, animal self and feel your freedom to choose how you live in, and relate to, your body, within a supportive group of men!


About Sadhu
Sadhu loves to share his gifts as space holder and facilitator of deep process work. He brings a rich fusion of experience in sexual shamanic work, sexological bodywork, tantra, shadow hunting, and embodiment practices, working with both individuals and groups.

You can read more about Sadhu at

This is a very GBTQ Friendly workshop and is open to any adult who identifies as a man! You may experience many of the practices and processes in this weekend as homoerotic.

This event involves optional nudity and erotic touch.
You are never required to touch or be touched by someone you don’t wish to share touch with, or be touched in any way that is not of your choosing.

For many partner and group exercises you will be randomly grouped together. You will likely at times find yourself in a group or pairing with others who you are not typically attracted to. I ask that you always stay within your own boundaries and create an experience that honours the boundaries of all members of that particular group or partnership. I also invite you to allow yourself to be surprised, and open to exploring the possibilities of experience you can create when you let go of preconceived ideas.

Super Early-bird - €150 paid via bank transfer for first 6 men
Early-bird - €170 paid via bank transfer before Thursday October 17th 2019
Full Price - €190 paid via bank transfer after October 17th or in cash at the event

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Please contact Sadhu (the event host) to arrange payment via bank transfer. Registration is complete and your place confirmed once your payment is received. [masked]

No one is turned away for lack of funds. If the super early-bird price is beyond your current financial means then please contact Sadhu to discuss further price reductions.

Cancellations and refunds
Cancellations made more than 28 days in advance of the event will receive a full refund minus a €25 administration fee. Cancellations made 28 days or less before the event will be charged in full. In unavoidable circumstances Sadhu may, at his own discretion, give a full refund (minus a €25 administration fee) or transfer your payment to a future event.