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Whether you have a mental illness, know someone that does, contemplating seeing a psychiatrist or counselor, suffer from some symptoms sometimes, work in the industry or just interested in learning more...

There are some aspects of the mental health industry that you should know before participating in particularly the FORMAL SYSTEM! Aspects that people are or become curious about . (System being defined as, Hospitals, Clinics, Home Care, Monitored Outpatient Care, Psychiatrist using your insurance, and Psychiatrists not using insurance...

Our workshops is also titled "What I wish someone told me before I was sent to a psychiatrist and hospital".

While sticking to the facts (and at the end allowing for personal opinions, experiences, reflections and convictions about the positive and negative aspects of the industry)...in this meet up you will learn about what to expect if evaluated in a hospital E.R., if admitted and what follow up care in an outpatient setting is like.

Now of course people have different experiences and needs, but there are some things in the system that just are and it is helpful to know about the structures, processes, and strategies used by mental health professionals and facilities in advance. (because being shocked by the unknown sometimes is counter therapeutic!)

Knowing in advance what to expect, helps you to be prepared for what it is like with the aims of ideally getting what you need most from the treatment and the experience.

While there is an agenda in mind, those interested in attending our workshops can email projectplanseries@gmail.com, if they have specific questions they want answered within the workshop.

Light refreshments, resources, and books available for purchase on site.

*Event Facilitator is a former educator, writer, and consultant who has approximately 20 years experience with being a consumer/client in the mental health industry.

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