What we're about

Target audience that this meetup group is primarily for:

• Software engineers (programmers engaged in development using various languages like C++/ Java/ JS/ Node/ Swift/ etc.)

• IT Professionals: professionals working in information technology field under one or more roles of software developers, quality assurance, business-analysts, technical managers, etc.).

• FinTech Professionals: Professionals working in Financial technology area which is IT Professionals working in the high performance finance/ banking/ hedge-fund/ quantitative analysis/ market data or similar roles).

• Issues to address:

• Stress related to work and organizational demands.

• Life Balance issues emanating from excessive focus needed by professional needs.

• Core Values issues created by people in these areas but not necessarily enjoying the nature of work.

• Limiting beliefs: Issues created by people not performing to their best owing to deep seated beliefs about themselves.

• Core Identity Issues: People who feel they are misfit in other areas of society because of focus created by work.

• Emotional Hurdles: Professionals who see emotional issues or lack thereof as hurdles to living a better life.

Meetups will be held on one or more of the above mentioned issues where common discussion based on structures of life coaching, cognitive behavior, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis principals.

The agenda of this meetup is to provide greater education and awareness for mental, psychological, emotional health of professionals of this group which is overlooked very often.

Check out the related LinkedIn group (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13652802/).

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Work-Personal Life Balance Issues

1142 Chicago Ave

Join us for this meetup as a long-time C++ developer shares and encourages discussion and techniques for balancing work life and personal life. This will be a FREE workshop format meetup where people will score themselves on various aspects of life and see what needs to be covered. Simple techniques but hugely effective. 7:30 pm: Introduction 7:40 pm: Survey common issues. 7:50 pm: Conduct a workshop session with one person as demonstration. 8:15 pm: Break with light refreshment 8:25 pm: Continue workshop with participation from all. 8:50 pm: Conclusion and dismissal of meetup.

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Overcome Stress Support Group

1142 Chicago Ave

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