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Calling all investors! This meetup is dedicated to educating each other on a variety of profitable investments. Our primary background is in Real Estate and we know that is just the tip of the iceberg. We created this meetup so that we can call in experts investors in various fields to share how they grow their wealth.

There are so many ways to create and grow our money.

Real Estate
IRA - 401k
Mutual Funds
And Many More

By bringing in people from a variety of backgrounds we can all learn from each other, support each other and explore wealth creation strategies together.

NOTE: This is not a venue where we will be signing you up for something.

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Asset Protection & Tax Saving Strategies -FREE EVENT-SJREIA CENTRAL Main Meeting

SJREIA CENTRAL Main Meeting - Hyatt Regency Princeton @ 6pm OPEN TO THE PUBLIC -- This meeting is FREE for everyone. Get Extraordinary ASSET PROTECTION & TAX SAVING STRATEGIES Without Expensive Lawyers Presentation by National Speaker Bill Noll, a tax attorney and CPA At our meeting Bill will share with us: *The new tax law and how it will help your business. *The Real Hidden Powers of LLC’s That Will Save You Thousands *How to protect yourself with only two LLC’s for any number of properties, saving thousands *Become “Lawyer repellent” with Bill’s Power Attorney Letter (Bill’s student saved $11,000) *Prevent legal disputes saving you lawyer fees and stress *Shield your personal assets from attachment *Protect your property equity with a little-known yet powerful technique *Defend yourself against nasty IRS attacks *Legally deduct all of your educational and start-up expenses even without having yet done a deal – These tax savings can be a major windfall for you this year! *Enable you to successfully operate your real estate business *And much more! You'll also discover>>>>>>>>>> *Tax-Saving Secrets Your CPA Does Not Know *Laugh & legally save thousands in taxes, every year *Avoid Costly IRS audits *Save accounting & legal fees *Avoid bad & expensive advice *Create HUGE deductions with NO cash out, yet pocket tax-free cash *Deduct any amount of property losses with no limits *Sell properties tax-free – keep all of the equity *Avoid entities that cause you to overpay taxes and get you audited by the IRS! Tax Saving Strategies you can use the entire year January to December! Save more! Open to the public! SJREIA is a networking and education association for all levels of real estate investors. We offer education in many different aspects of investing and offer unlimited opportunity to be with other like minded people. Visitors always welcome. THIS MEETING IS FREE FOR EVERYONE! Location: HYATT REGENCY PRINCETON - 102 Carnegie Center, Princeton, NJ 08540 Doors open @ 6pm Time: Presentation begins at 7 pm. PLEASE RSVP if you plan to attend so we know how many to expect (THANKS!) http://www.SJREIA.org/EventsPage.aspx?ID=FREE-SJREIA-CENTRAL-MEETING-National-Speaker-Bill-Noll-Princeton-NJ-58-1-17-2019&evntID=58fkZAVBXi8dxy8npISbEo3 MEETING SCHEDULE: 6:00-7:00 – Visit with Business Affiliates & Networking 7:00-7:15 – Announcements 7:15-9:30 – Main Speaker/Presentation 9:30-10:00 – Networking 9:45-10:15 – Room Clean-up SJREIA CENTRAL is a networking and education association for all levels of real estate investors. We offer education in many different aspects of investing and offer unlimited opportunity to be with other like minded people. Visitors always welcome. Event Leader - Justin Fraser - [masked]

Come hear how new tax laws can save you serious money in 2019

We are going to have an action packed meetup to kick off 2018 that you will not want to miss. The first meetup in Jan, 2019 will focus on how the new tax laws will save you serious money in 2019 if used properly, AND an investor will share a case study of buying an out of state apt complex! Jason Dubnik, CPA and Founder of Dubnik & Associates will be our distinguished guest at the Trenton Real Estate Meetup Jan 23rd. Jason is the Founder and Principal Partner of Dubnik & Associates. He is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in New Jersey and is a member of the New Jersey State Society of CPAs. Jason has been practicing accounting for over 15 years, specializing in tax preparation and consulting for businesses and real estate investors. We are SUPER pumped that Jason will be joining us for two reasons: 1) The changes in the tax law in 2018 for real estate investors were dramatic and everyone can make use of them in the real estate space. For new investors, it's great to know the awesome tax benefits to real estate investing. 2) Jason is also a real estate investor himself! This is somewhat unusual and makes Jason an amazing resource. Many very talented and smart investors in NJ use their firm and love that they both know the rules, but also walk the walk of being an investor. In addition, Matt Faircloth will share a case study for the group of how he was able to find and close on an apt complex in Kentucky!! We love to share both case studies at these meetups and information --- and this one will have BOTH! ​ Matt Faircloth literally wrote the book on Real Estate Syndications and is a co-host of the Trenton meetup. The best part of all, everything is FREE. That's right, no charge at all! Come meet like-minded folks who invest in and around Central NJ. Free to attend, priceless info and networking available. Agenda: 5:30 Matt Faircloth round-table 6:30 Networking 7:00 Content -- Case study + Tax Info for Investors Hope to see you soon!

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