Japanese Language Study Group

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So what's the group about? What are we going to do?

We’re going to learn how to listen to real Japanese people speak through video, read real Japanese fiction and news stories, and have a chance to work on a little bit of basic grammar and talk to other people who are passionate about Japanese. I have some really great “anchor texts” such as Natusme Soseki’s "Ten Nights of Dreams", Video Interviews with native Japanese speakers, and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on that looks interesting. I'm also open to suggestions, so if there's some written work out there you've been wanting to read... then let me know I might be able to work with it. :)

For the total beginner, we’ll train the ear with adult Japanese and you’ll read along with a romanized transcript to get used to the sounds of Japanese.

For those who are looking to dive into the Japanese script, I’ll have transcripts written out in hiragana/katakana so that you can “read-along” and practice the kana.

Anyone else can follow along with the “wild” Japanese text with furigana.

Every class, I’ll pull out some grammar points and key vocabulary to focus on and depending on who we have that day we’ll give everyone a chance to have a conversation with others in the group. I want this class to be set up in a way that people can drop in and drop out as they have time... not to be stuck to a particular time-table like in a language course... but to also have a little bit more structure than a conversation group.


The point? Get as much "authentic" Japanese language exposure as possible, get time to practice with other people who want to learn Japanese, and have fun!

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