This will be an informative walk to explore an Atlantic White Cedar Bog in the Blue Hills of Milton, MA. White cedar bogs are considered Areas of Critical Environmental Concern. They occur in only a few locations in MA. These habitats are forested wetlands with a dense, primarily evergreen canopy, a deciduous shrub layer, and a sparse herb layer dominated by mosses. Ponkapoag pond has a bog mat, which is a buoyant layer of vegetation. The roots of the plants are tightly woven together and can be strong enough to hold people! We won’t be walking on the bog but on puncheons around it. We’ll keep an eye out for pitcher plants and sun dews; both carnivorous plants. Other vegetation to look for will be high bush blueberry, mountain laurel, swamp azaleas, and sphagnum moss.

This trip is sponsored by Women Outdoors, Eastern MA region. All women are welcome and there is no charge. The hiking level will be easy-moderate. Hiking poles might be useful for balance along the puncheons. Bring water, snacks, and rain gear.

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