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From saving the world, networking, karaoke, hiking, exploring eateries, culture & happy hours, to relaxing with intellectual conversations over coffee. Singles, Couples, or even Loners. Merry making working professionals, activists, humanists, adventurists, hipsters, geeks, artists, creatives, musicians, philosophers, the eccentric, introverts, extroverts etc... come together though planned or spontaneous variety of gatherings.

Just to clarify stereotypes.. a Loner is usually an independent, strong, self aware individual who chooses to be alone, whether temporarily or permanently. It does not mean a lonely, desperate being who can't get a date. :)

Opportunity for youngster & young-at-hearts to make new friends, strengthen existing friendships / relationships, or improve self through experience within society. Respect self & respect others.

Though this is not a Singles Meetup group, I may consider separate relationship specific events as I may consider offering match making services, relationship / friendship / or self improvement, as many has hoped for.

At this time I won't be charging membership dues. However, chipping in every once in awhile would help cover meetup costs!

Events can include (but not limited to), walks / hikes, karaoke, band nights / local concerts, professional networking, open mic nights, beer fests, wine fests, art festivals, conversations over coffee (philosophical, self improvement, relationship improvement, etc), sushi nights, cultural events, art nights, fundraisers / charity, more karaoke, island tours, exploring local eateries, hack nights, geek nights, classy nights, learning seminars.. and even more karaoke.

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Beach background photo - phuc's photography

- Phuc, Merry Making Organizer.

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