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Pixie Turner - Never Mind The Nutribollocks

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Merseyside Skeptics S.
Pixie Turner - Never Mind The Nutribollocks


Never Mind The Nutribollocks: how to sort nutrition fact from fiction

Low-fat, low-carb, lose weight, eat clean…never before have we had access to so much nutrition information, and never before have we been so confused about what to eat. The rise of social media and the 'wellness' movement has allowed nutrition misinformation to spread like wildfire. But what is actually fact when it comes to eating healthy? And why are we so eager to fall for pseudoscience when it comes to our diet?

Pixie is a nutritionist (ANutr), food blogger, and avid Instagrammer. She graduated with a First Class degree in Biochemistry, and went on to complete a Masters in Nutrition with Distinction. She runs an award-winning blog, and has been featured as a nutrition expert on BBC and Channel 5. Her first book, ‘The Wellness Rebel’ was published April this year.
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