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If you are interested in this meetup, you are probably an INFJ or someone who wants to understand INFJ's better. All are welcome, especially INFJ compatible personalities.

As an INFJ, it is an understatement to say we have a hard time finding other humans we resonate with on a genuinely deep level, and as much as we may have naturally found a comfort zone with that, it is a very lonely and frustrating path at times...because finding sincere, genuine,deep, and non trendy/mainstream people this day and age, is pretty much slim to none.

The INFJ personality are cosmic & Earth based intuitive's, authentic, deep, reserved, and pick up on literally 'everything'. INFJ being the rarity it is, it is a treat to actually open up, share and gain insight on 'all things' from one another, and possibly make close relationships with people of substance. I will throw Meetups on here whenever schedule allows (it will probably be once every other weekend), but feel free to chime in and recommend whatever. I'm no expert at collaborating gatherings or leading them, so it would be helpful if we all sort of worked together on making this INFJ meetup actually happen and flow smoothly. For gatherings, it would be cool to actually get into nature, go camping, converse under stars, or anything outdoors. Any place that isn't congested with people works. If you have ideas, let me know. Before the start of every meet I will hold at least a 20-40 minute meditation session.

On that note. people who are more conservative in thinking, closed minded, judgmental, or overly religious, would have a hard time enjoying the setting in these meetings;because, the whole concept of "following what you are fed," bigotry and blind patriotism, while ignoring Universal Reality and Human Chaos upon Mother Earth, is usually an absurd concept to an INFJ(Most INFJs anyway...always the exception i guess?), and we would pick up on your silly/draining energy, which you would feel in return.


"In truth, I’m not my body, my race, religion, or other beliefs, and neither is anyone else. The real self is infinite and much more powerful-a complete and whole entity that isn’t broken or damaged in any way. The infinite me already contains all the resources I need to navigate through life, because I’m One with Universal energy. In fact, I am Universal energy".

Anita Moorjani

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