10 Saturday meditation and teaching Sathipattana

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10 Saturday Sathipattha meditation program and teaching


Relationship problems, stress, anxiety, depression etc are being considered to be common in the modern world but it is unacceptable and resolvable .
Is this what we are born as humans for. How many times we have started worrying related to a problem and then had another on top of them. People suffer both physically and mentally , some times too long without being remedied . counselors , psychiatrists , psychotherapists, good books, advisory services and various types of retreats have been able to give the seekers satisfactory answers,, but recoveries seem not complete and does not help them long.
In Buddhas teachings, not really answers, but "solutions" to all problems are provided . This has been possible by finding and analyzing the root cause .
Without pushing people towards imaginary divine situations, The buddha way is to guide and encourage people to use their own hidden skills to awake the wisdom within.
Many thousands of years of written history provides hundreds and thousands of records of successful people, who not only overcame and extinguished all their domestic problems, but also by changing the style of living they elevated the purity of their minds not to suffer like ealier any more.
They lived a happy life in the same world with the same people , the world and people that seemed unpleasant place to live a good life. They became noble people and were enlightened.
( satara satipatthana )
One can definitely Overcome sorrow and lamentation and extinguish suffering and grief , also can awake the wisdom within. SATARA SATIPATTHANA is a living meditation.

This 10 day(Saturday s only) program extended to 2 and 1/2 months (August and October) consist of talks, discussions, Q&A , meditation sessions , retreat, Tai Chi and stretching practices, common and individual counseling’s, etc.
( Middle of the course one Saturday full day retreat and end of the course one full day retreat )
This is a ideal opportunity to talk directly with a living master.
This inner exploring program is recommended for all ages and for people with or without former experience.


Bhante Mitta, is a buddhist monk abode forest tradition of theravadic practices in Sri lanka, mostly residing at the 2300 yrs old SITHULPAWWA HISTORIC FOREST MONASTERY.
He is graduated in Physics, had years of experience in research ,development in industrial and scientific fields both local and overseas. Possesses a profound knowledge in buddhas teachings and 25 yrs. of meditational experience , he had been recognized as a skillful teacher specially in overseas. Super knowledge in a broad spectrum of fields has helped Bhante Mitta to render services as a very succesful buddhist councilor . The program he conducted for 6 months in Manchester , UK last year has been well taken by the people and mostly benefited were kids.
His teachings are full of stories, attractive practical examples, easy to understand and interesting to practice.
His fluency in English language is a wealth when it comes to Q And A and direct interactions.

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