What we're about

Experienced rider group for weekend day rides, Santa Monica Mountain morning coffee runs, weekend trips, and the occasional epic, cross-country adventure. This group is for tenured riders that value the journey.

Our membership includes riders of all motorcycle types, but with the common threads of passion for good design, thoughtful engineering, and exceptional well-put-together performance. We encourage interesting conversation and the embrace the road less traveled.

You won't need knee sliders, but if you bring Butler maps and and a solid tool kit you'll be welcomed.

All riding members must meet the following group requirements:

1. Valid drivers license with M1 motorcycle endorsement

2. Valid insurance for the motorcycle he/she rides, as required by CA State law

3. A minium of 1 year AND 3000 miles of riding experience

Motorcycle riding is inherently dangerous and can result in injury or death. Meta Moto Syndicate organizers’ sole purpose is to facilitate people coming together with similar interests. Each member is responsible for his or her own safety and assumes full responsibility for their actions.

By joining the Meta Moto Syndicate Meetup Group, you are representing that you hold a valid drivers license with M1 motorcycle endorsement and valid insurance, and hold the Organizers harmless from any liability as a result of participating in this Meetup Group. Furthermore, you commit to make every effort to ride responsibly and safely to protect yourself, other members of the Group, the people around us, and the environment.

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