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We are Metamorph - Decentralized Venture Builder of the future.

The current venture model is broken. We believe 90% of startups can succeed by giving equal opportunity to every founder in the world. Metamorph is a decentralized venture building platform powered by the community for next generation businesses on the blockchain. We want to connect the whole ecosystem - Entrepreneurs, Growth Hackers, Software Architects, Artists, Engineers, Thought Leaders, Scientists, Investors, Advisors, Mentors and many more.

Our goal is to democratise access to funding, ressources, talent and support for everyone and create a global community of like minded Change Makers to build businesses which add value to society. Become part of our decentralized network of stakeholders that believe in your idea, attend Metamorph events in the world’s leading Blockchain startup hotspots and emerging markets where Entrepreneurship delivers the solution to local challenges. We are enabling our community members through peer 2 peer knowledge sharing, skill sharing and the incubation of ideas to build change making ventures.

Metamorph aims to transform the way Entrepreneurs build decentralized local ecosystems, collaborate, meetup and incubate ideas on global scale.

Are you tired of attending educational meetups and having the standard smalltalk beer afterwards? If yes, then you are at the right place joining our Metamorph Meetups. We wanna get shit done using the right frameworks and the power of collaboration to finally start building real life projects leveraging blockchain, distributed ledger and smart contract technology.

PS.: Metamorph is blockchain protocol agnostic, so we welcome all projects (Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, Lisk, NEM, EOS, Qtum, ZCash, Hyperledger, IOTA, Blockstack and many more) to become part of our network.

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