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The Metaphysical Wizardry group is to increase positive higher vibration energies in the world and increase COMMUNICATION, COMMUNITY and PARTICIPATION. We are doing healing, energy work, guided meditations and just meet up to find more metaphysical and magical people in our areas. This group is a WORKING GROUP, for people that wish to enhance and enrich their lives. I do know that many of us have few funds to spend but this group WILL create a better more enhanced and enriched life for those that actively participate. I prefer that the people who join be interested in pursuing faster acting modalities and techniques. All POSITIVE or NEUTRAL religions and beliefs welcome. (I get to decide who is and is not positive or neutral to the group.) NO ONE can force their religious beliefs in this group. You are welcome to share though so long as it does not distract us from the goal or slow down the progression. Please do not join to promote yourself, your religion, your friends or your businesses. By this, I mean, do not put your website, book or business name in your introductory (or join to tell people where to take their business). I will refuse to approve your request for membership. I WILL be open to you sponsoring the group if you want to promote by sponsoring the group.

We are using group energy for Quantum Field manifestations and will watch dvds together (for free). We will do things to raise our and the planet's consciousness and vibrations and increase community and participation. Group healing by sharing is free. One on one healing is by small donations. If we are in a private home, I ask that there be donations for use of the facilities and for gas for anyone that is leading the group that had to travel very far to get there. All donations are welcome AND appreciated. I do send extra healing to bless those who bless me.

If you are not open to having your energies cleared and entities cleared and removed, do not ask to join. If you want to keep your entities, feel free but we don't want them in our space. The same goes for people that prefer their poverty and limiting stories. DON'T join or stay if you choose to stay limited and will not at least TRY to achieve change. The energy is only as good as the members. We will avoid rants, political discussions, fault finding, drug or alcohol use. If we share negatives, we share it to release it by using healing methods on ourselves and perhaps the planet. This will be done when it is agreed upon as an objective. We can join together to project a more positive energy and consciousness for the planet using loving, positive energies.

I am interested in more modern, faster working, healing methods over traditional and slower methods. If you have faster methods to accomplish goals, please do share them. I wish the group to be communicative, forward thinking, easy accomplishments and FUN! As some people would say... no upstream ideas here. We welcome downstream, fast moving, going with the flow methods. I prefer almost instantaneous gratification. In this fast paced world, don't you think that is better?

So come on! What are you waiting for? Let's get outside of the box! We can be LOTS of fun, if you like fun, that is. Meet me on facebook. www.facebook.com/spiritenergy Be sure to let me know where you got my facebook ID from by emailing me in facebook first explaining where you found me.

*Please click here and read our > Group Policy (http://www.meetup.com/Metaphysical-Wizardry/messages/boards/thread/39119672) < before applying for membership. Thanks!*

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