What we're about

This group is about Mastery of Metaphysics in a way that is applied to our present lives from physical... to emotional... to mental... to spiritual. Touching on personal relationships, healing, and nurturing careers... all with intent to honor our purposes. Each meetup is created with the intent of teaching and learning... stopping not at the skill... but exploring deep into the ethics, responsibility, and wisdom of understanding each layer brings.

So for those who need more specific detail:

This group is NOT about simply learning techniques (ie. how to see auras, how to use a pendulum, how to manifest, etc.). The fact is most of us are a google search away from a thousand different techniques.

Events in this group will be more heavily focused on multilateral understanding of those processes. That means understanding the "why's" behind a technique, appropriate use, potential benefits and harms, ethical use, etc. Then using life application. That means... how do you use what you have just learned to reduce symptoms of an ailment, enhance your relationship with your children, create a better work environment, manage your own anxiety, (to name a few examples).

At 460's Journal LLP, we have a Code of Ethics that we live by in both our professional practice as well as our personal lives. I will post here so that you may gain a little insight as to how we work:

• Do not "Read" a person without their consent.

• All information obtained during a session is considered private and will not be shared outside of the session by us without permission.

• Entering a person's energy space is considered a privilege and is treated as such.

• Provide all sessions in a neutral state of mind so that information presented does not include personal bias.

• Remove judgement from all sessions.

• If information is not coming through clearly or a connection cannot be made, inform the intended recipient.

• Take the opportunity to teach whenever possible.

• Uplift and support others within our community as well as other communities that are considered "vulnerable".

• Realize we are all souls at different stages of evolution and on different journeys with different lessons to learn.

• Understand that there is more than one way to attain goals and achieve success.

• Remember that "good" and "evil" are relative terms.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

Events are donation based unless otherwise noted

**Donations are used by 460's Journal LLP to fund programs we facilitate that assist in treatment of low-income individuals of vulnerable populations in a variety of ways. Past Examples include (but are not limited to):

HIV + Adults

Adults & Children on the Autism Spectrum

Adults with Alzheimer's

Teenagers with severe depression and anxiety

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