What we're about

to use dowsing to shift energy and initiate life changes (for yourself and for others).

Tesla said, "if you want to know the secrets of the universe , focus on the non-physical aspects rather than physical aspects. Think in terms of energy, frequencies and vibration."

These classes are dedicated to exploring reality in those terms. Metaphysics literally means beyond (meta) the physical (physics). Subtle energies are energies that affect us although we can't see them, smell them or sense them with the 5 senses in our left brain. However, we can direct and shift these energies and see the results with our 5 senses.

The group organizer, Lindy Lumbert, has studied and become proficient in many modalities. She has spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars learning the things she teaches for a nominal fee in these classes.

In these classes you can learn,
* to practice different ways of tuning-in to the subtle energies of the Universe and learn what to do with those energies
* to use dowsing to shift energy and initiate life changes (for yourself and for others)
* to play games that develop and test your intuitive abilities
* to make subtle-energy devices with copper or cement

When we get together, we raise our consciousness while we enjoy the company like-minded people. We get to know others on the deepest level because we all share how we feel about life and what matters most to us and we have the most marvelous conversations.

Upcoming events (3)

Clearing and Releasing to shift your reality. Stay for dinner & conversation.

You might even think of this session as group therapy. We'll be effecting big changes in your life by learning how to shift subtle energies. This brings about changes your request so quickly, it seems like magic. Once you realize you have all the power, you have to decide how you're going to use it. Everything in this dimension started with a thought. Although when it finally appears in the form of matter, it appears to be solid and have a force of its own. Of course we know that's not really how it works. Under powerful microscopes, you can see that matter is always particles of energy in motion with spaces between these particles. Nothing is really solid. It is energy in motion. Everything we see, all matter, all circumstances, were first created with a thought. That is why it is said that matter is a thought-form. The most amazing part to me, is that our thoughts, especially focused thoughts, have such a powerful influence on matter. No matter what is going on, your life is always in divine order because a part of us is always creating. However, we are often creating from a subconscious program or memory or association that our conscious minds wouldn't intentionally choose. Your subconscious tries to make your conscious mind aware of unresolved emotional issues by creating pains and chaos to get its attention. Learn focused ways to release internal references and proofs that the things you fear or believe are true. If you don't change the emotional trauma, your mind will keep it stored where ever in your body is your weakest point. However you can wake up from the trance created by your memories so you can make peace with your past and yourself. Learn to release the emotions embedded in you from painful memories without telling anyone what that memory is! Really! You don't have to talk about it! Remove your food cravings by discovering your pleasant associations to that food and programming your body to separate the pleasant memory from the food. Then you will eat for physical reasons, not for emotional reasons. Become more aware of how your mind works. Focusing on what you want, you'll get more of what you want. Release any pain, no matter how long you've had it or what its physical cause was. This works by releasing the emotional trauma stored in your body. It's so quick and unbelievably effective! You can even get rid of emotional triggers, etc., etc. Or use the techniques to increase self esteem programs. You can tap-in "I want.......I have........." for immediate gratification. Acquire new programs, so that your subconscious choices will be in line with your current conscious choices. Let go of your unwanted emotions, enjoy the company of like minded individuals and have dinner with your new friends. Bring your pains and leave without them! Bring your goals and clear the way to reach them! dinner this week is London Broil, baked potatoes and salad ONLY $10 for life-changing session and dinner! Please RSVP

Class in Analyzing Handwriting. Stay for dinner and conversation.

Even a beginner will leave knowing how to tell at east 6 things about a person from their handwriting sample. This is another in the series of games I've published. If you want a game to take home, I'll have some available for $10 without a case, $15 with a bookshelf case. Fun and useful info plus dinner with your new friends! $10 for class and food! You can't beat that! Please RSVP Refund available if you cancel 3 days before event.

Road Trip

Lindy's House

One of my favorite dowsers and healers, Jimmy Mack, is speaking and demonstrating his skills at the American Society for Dowsers meeting in The Villages. If you don't know Jimmy Mack, fast forward this video 10 minutes to see what he does. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zki7y7msMHc or fast forward this one to 30 minutes in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHdAzMplvRM Afterwards, we'll go for dinner to The Rose Plantation restaurant that we went to last time. here's a link to their website https://www.theroseplantation.com/ From here we need to leave 2 hours before the event starts, so we'll leave here at 2pm. The restaurant is just minutes away. Allowing 2 hours for dinner and conversation, and a 90 minute drive back to my house, I estimate we'll return around 9:30. From where you are, it may be closer to meet us there. The actual event is from 4-5:30. address: Wildwood Tri-City American Legion Post 18, Wildwood FL, State Road 44. $3 at the door $ for gas to your driver if you ride share (depends on number in car, etc)

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