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We warmly welcome you to join our Meetup group. This group is connects those interested in Metatronic Healing® and this new approach to healing and awakening.

This brings unique tools for healing and transformation to touch you personally. Aimed those who wish to come and experience the Metatronic energies, dip their toes and join this growing community of Metatronic friends her in London and a find out more about it all. We have monthly group healings in as well seasonal as certified courses held in central London, and these are also other locations in the UK and Europe.

The unique Metatronic energies interface with you personally. Receive a group healing session together with friends. Begin or deepen your journey with Archangel Metatron within Metatronic Healing.

Relax, immerse and rejuvenate as Metatronic energies touch with you personally and profoundly within the warm support of the Metatronic group field.

Meet friends who share the similar interests on a spiritual and healing path and Metatronic students and healing practitioners. In our meetings will be time given to sharing, asking questions. There is no 'have to' here - you can just be quietly supported within.

Check our events calendar for dates, times and locations ....

About the Evenings

Generally at there will be a welcome, a meditation followed by the group healing and sharing. Meetup with friends and Metatronic energies for graceful, peaceful and beautiful evenings.

Come with your curiosity, what troubles you and your wish to be free of what holds you tightly. No previous experience is required.

Our existing and growing body of Metatronic Healing students and practitioners are warmly welcomed to deepen and benefit in the community gatherings.

Do Bring: A blanket/yoga mat if you would like to lie down for the healing part of the evening. Lots of people like to fully relax into it in all this way. So it is good to be comfortable whirls you receive.

Share this event: Please feel free to share our invitation with your friends, or bring those who may be interested in this work.

About the organiser: Clare Glennon is a co-­Director of Metatronic Life and has been intimately connected to Metatronic Healing since its beginning. As well as being a leading healer and teacher of Metatronic Healing she has many years or experience in energy healing work.

From inception in 2007, Clare has worked alongside founder -­ Philippa Merivale and Metatronic Teacher Richard Farmer as the Metatronic Life team support the development and evolution of this profound ancient/new modality.

Clare lives in Oxfordshire and facilitates courses to all levels in the UK & Europe. She loves sharing this work and so does so with a warm heart and authenticity.

About Metatronic Courses If you wish to go deeper and explore the sequences of unique Attunements and Transmissions to receive and work with the energies for yourself, or become a Metatronic Healing practitioner. The path begins with The Foundation: Opening the Pathways. This is the 3 day healing intensive and really opens the doors to what Metatronic Healing offers for each person in a deep healing, transformational and spiritual awakening context.

To find out more about it all you can also visit: http://www.metatronic-life.com

Metatronic Meetup in Bristol: This Meetup is organised by teacher Richard Farmer. You can join the Bristol group here (http://www.meetup.com/Metatronic-Healing-Bristol/) .

Metatronic Teachers Clare Glennon and Richard Farmer work alongside Founder - Philippa Merivale as the core Metatronic team. They work closely together as this modality grows internationally.

Metatronic Meetup in Bristol: This Meetup is organised by teacher Richard Farmer. You can join the Bristol group: Click Here


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'Opening the Healing Pathways’ *Metatronic Healing® Certified Course*

The Foundation Course: Opening the Pathways A 3 day healing intensive Receive 7 Attunements and Transmissions in "Opening the Healing Pathways' These seven sacred aspects of Metatron which create the Foundation of Metatronic Healing. Times: 10am - 5.30pm each day Course Cost: £330 (incl. tuition, workbook & certification) To register your interest: secure your place with a deposit of £66.00 or Email/Message: [masked] About booking a place on this course What is this Healing Weekend? The Metatronic Healing journey begins with this first weekend - Opening the Healing Pathways. In it, you are given Metatron’s seven essential healing energies. They are the core of Metatron’s gift, helping us to physically heal, lighten the wounding of life’s challenges and strengthen our wellbeing. You are also given the first of two Metatronic Healing protocols that enable you to share this with others. What happens on this weekend? A combination of personal healing, of deep rest, the nourishment of the healing energies, clearing the energetic, emotional and mental bodies, and opportunities to share, ask questions and meet new friends. How is it given? Metatronic Healing is given via attunements and transmissions. The Attunements are physical touches that retune that part of your body back to its original balance. The Transmissions are the healing tools that ‘tune’ you into a higher and more creative vibration. They are simplicity, safety, grounding, energetic flow, emotional clarity, mental freedom and spiritual nourishment. Once given, they can be re-accessed at any time for your or others' benefit. What is the Metatronic Healing Pathway? Metatronic Healing® is the method that has evolved since Metatron first communicated with Pippa Merivale - the founder - in 2007. Metatron made a promise that this method of healing would activate the Heart Centre, which returns us to our original spiritual nature. The heart of ourselves. The Healing Pathways are the seven healing tools which, once given, sit and resonate with your True Being making it more evident to you and easier to follow your wisdom. It is also a very simple and beautiful healing meditation, using the healing tools that you are given. This can take either a few seconds or be something more luxurious in length as it sets us up for the beginning of the day or clears us after the rigours of a tough day. This can also be shared with another too. If I enjoy this, is there more to do after this weekend? It is up to you. If you enjoy this course, then you may go on to take the second course, “Golden Alchemy “, which gives you the full Metatronic Healing palette, especially the ability to “Lift the Story" which completes the second promise. It is a beautiful journey and has a two-strand weave: personal healing and growing and, for those that wish it, the Metatronic Healer Training. While you may use Metatron’s gifts for healing straight away, after the “Golden Alchemy” course that you may take the official Metatronic Healing Practitioner course. For more information contact Clare email: [masked] or by mobile:[masked] or by visiting the website http://www.metatronic-life.com You won't regret it; it truly is an awesome experience and a great gift to give yourself. N.B All Metatronic courses are certified and form part of the Metatronic Healing pathway to aid your spiritual evolution. While you may use Metatron’s energies for healing straight away, it is after the third course (which provides comprehensive practitioner training) that you may become a Registered Metatronic Healing® Practitioner. Join the growing community of Metatronic Students and Practitioners who share this graceful, transformational pathway of healing and awakening. Some Course Testimonials: "I highly recommend Metatronic Healing courses. It is one of the most powerful things I have done in recent years, and it has cleared so much stuff from my body and energy field each time I do another level of training". Steve Nobel - Former Director of Alternatives, St James Church Piccadilly London 2000 - 2012 "Three days of intensive Attunements and Transmission from Metatron along with two "group healing sessions" have been one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. I can honestly say that it stirred up the sludge at the bottom of my bucket (in the best possible way) - I doubt I will ever be the same again!. Delivered by the very authentic Clare Glennon who held the energy in the most gentle and capable way. I spent three days wrapped in a blanket feeling safe enough to accept these energies without questioning and knowing deep down inside their purpose was pure. This is an investment in your spiritual journey. I cannot recommend it more strongly" Jayne Lea - 'More To Life' (http://www.moretolifemag.co.uk) Magazine "Don't miss this!" Joanne Hunt - Kindred Spirit Magazine It is amazing! We have also brought this into our work, the healings help balance the transmissions! The Metatronic Attunements and Transmissions were brilliant; we all feel their powerful effects and their grace. Vaz, Anng and Lidija - Co-directors of London College of Spirituality About the Facilitator: Clare Glennon (http://www.metatronic-life.com/clare/) is a Co-Director of ​Metatronic Life and has been intimately connected to Metatronic Healing since its beginning in 2007. As well as being a leading healer and teacher, she has many years of experience in energy work. From first inception in 2007, Clare continues to work alongside founder Philippa Merivale (http://www.metatronic-life.com/pippa-and-john/) and core Metatronic teacher Richard Farmer (http://www.metatronic-life.com/richard/). Together this team support the development and evolution of this profound ancient/new modality flowering in new times. Clare facilitates Metatronic Healing courses to all levels in the UK, Europe and the USA. She loves teaching and does so with authenticity and a warm heart.

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