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We warmly welcome you to join our Meetup group. This group is connects those interested in Metatronic Healing® and this new approach to healing and awakening.

This brings unique tools for healing and transformation to touch you personally. Aimed those who wish to come and experience the Metatronic energies, dip their toes and join this growing community of Metatronic friends her in London and a find out more about it all. We have monthly group healings in as well seasonal as certified courses held in central London, and these are also other locations in the UK and Europe.

The unique Metatronic energies interface with you personally. Receive a group healing session together with friends. Begin or deepen your journey with Archangel Metatron within Metatronic Healing.

Relax, immerse and rejuvenate as Metatronic energies touch with you personally and profoundly within the warm support of the Metatronic group field.

Meet friends who share the similar interests on a spiritual and healing path and Metatronic students and healing practitioners. In our meetings will be time given to sharing, asking questions. There is no 'have to' here - you can just be quietly supported within.

Check our events calendar for dates, times and locations ....

About the Evenings

Generally at there will be a welcome, a meditation followed by the group healing and sharing. Meetup with friends and Metatronic energies for graceful, peaceful and beautiful evenings.

Come with your curiosity, what troubles you and your wish to be free of what holds you tightly. No previous experience is required.

Our existing and growing body of Metatronic Healing students and practitioners are warmly welcomed to deepen and benefit in the community gatherings.

Do Bring: A blanket/yoga mat if you would like to lie down for the healing part of the evening. Lots of people like to fully relax into it in all this way. So it is good to be comfortable whirls you receive.

Share this event: Please feel free to share our invitation with your friends, or bring those who may be interested in this work.

About the organiser: Clare Glennon is a co-­Director of Metatronic Life and has been intimately connected to Metatronic Healing since its beginning. As well as being a leading healer and teacher of Metatronic Healing she has many years or experience in energy healing work.

From inception in 2007, Clare has worked alongside founder -­ Philippa Merivale and Metatronic Teacher Richard Farmer as the Metatronic Life team support the development and evolution of this profound ancient/new modality.

Clare lives in Oxfordshire and facilitates courses to all levels in the UK & Europe. She loves sharing this work and so does so with a warm heart and authenticity.

About Metatronic Courses If you wish to go deeper and explore the sequences of unique Attunements and Transmissions to receive and work with the energies for yourself, or become a Metatronic Healing practitioner. The path begins with The Foundation: Opening the Pathways. This is the 3 day healing intensive and really opens the doors to what Metatronic Healing offers for each person in a deep healing, transformational and spiritual awakening context.

To find out more about it all you can also visit: http://www.metatronic-life.com

Metatronic Meetup in Bristol: This Meetup is organised by teacher Richard Farmer. You can join the Bristol group here (http://www.meetup.com/Metatronic-Healing-Bristol/) .

Metatronic Teachers Clare Glennon and Richard Farmer work alongside Founder - Philippa Merivale as the core Metatronic team. They work closely together as this modality grows internationally.

Metatronic Meetup in Bristol: This Meetup is organised by teacher Richard Farmer. You can join the Bristol group: Click Here


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A day of Metatronic Healing

Latvian House


Hi Metatronic Friends, As I will be teaching in the USA for the month of June, in place of the usual monthly group meeting, I have invited my trusted colleague Gill Goldfinch (who is on the path of training to be a Metatronic Teacher) to host a 'full-day' of Metatronic Healing in London. If you are interested in exploring Metatronic Healing in a deeper, then this will be a ​great opportunity to do so and whether you are wanting to go ahead and follow the Metatronic Pathway or not, this day is a real gift for your life. During the day you will be introduced to the Metatronic Healing Pathway, what it is and its course structure, which assists in both your healing and spiritual awakening. It will also offer you a chance to experience and receive two attunements (a physical touch that re-tunes) and two transmissions (an energetic healing gift) in preparation for the Metatronic Foundation course held 4th - 6th October 2019 in London,​ should you wish to take it. These two attunements and transmissions bring back the original or divine feminine and masculine into our reality. They will balance your inner masculine and feminine and work to heal any problems around these prime energies, which are, of course, totally fundamental whether you continue with the Metatronic Pathway or not. It is a beautifully simple and deeply nourishing day. All are welcome, no experience needed, just your wish to give yourself this gift of presence and healing. If you are already taking the Metatronic Healing course pathway you are also most welcome to attend this day Please note: places are limited so book early – thank you. For more information and or to book, please contact Gill Goldfinch for details of how to pay at: e: [masked] m:[masked] w:[masked] About Gillian Goldfinch: Gill has been involved in the complementary health field for over 20 years. She has been inspired by Metatronic Healing for some time, is currently qualified to give these transmissions and is now on the path of training to be a Metatronic Teacher.

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Metatronic Group Healing Evening

Latvian House


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