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Sacred Ground - Illuminating Your Divine Masculine and Feminine Templates

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A Full Day - A Metatronic Beginning
Bringing back the original or Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and Grace into our reality - With Raina Nahar

Dear Metatronic Friends,

If you are interested in exploring Metatronic Healing in a deeper way then this is an invitation for you to do so, or taken alone, it represents a real gift for your life.

During the day you will be introduced to the Metatronic Healing Pathway, what it is and its class structure, which assists in both your healing and spiritual awakening.

It will also offer you a chance to experience and receive two healings, three attunements (a touch that re-tunes an aspect of our Being) and three transmissions (an energetic healing gift)

This is a day to “Affirm and expand into the fullness of your Sacred Ground.” A retreat day where you will receive a healing for your feminine aspect, and a healing for your masculine aspect.

The Metatronic Attunements and Transmissions

The three Divine life qualities; Grace, and the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies within us. The Grace Transmission realigns us to the sweetness in creation that eases the way for us. Grace is that which allows everything to be and allows things to flow and happen gracefully.
The other two attunements and transmissions bring back the original divine feminine and masculine into our reality. They will balance your inner masculine and feminine and work to heal any problems around these prime energies, which are, of course, totally fundamental whether you continue with the Metatronic Pathway or not. It is a beautifully simple and deeply nourishing day.

All are welcome, no experience is needed, just your wish to give yourself this gift of presence and healing. If you are already taking the Metatronic Healing pathway you are also most welcome to attend this day.
Joining Fee: £70.00

For more information and or to book, please contact Raina Nahar for details of how to pay at:

e: [masked] m:[masked]

About Raina: Raina holds a deeply experienced background as an energy healer. Having been inspired by Metatron and the Metatronic Pathway, she began her training in 2016 and offers 1-1 sessions through her healing practice. She is now in an apprenticeship as a Metatronic Healing Teacher.

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Metatronic Group Healing Evening

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