Metatronic Group Healing Evening

Metatronic Healing London
Metatronic Healing London
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Latvian House

72 Queensborough Terrance London · W2 3SH

How to find us

72 Queensborough Terrace

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Dear Metatronic Friends,

I look forward to sharing this special quiet time.

PLEASE DO BRING - a mat, blanket & cushion along with you to ensure you are warm and comfortable if you wish to lie down for the healing session. You can also be seated.

ABOUT THE SESSION: All are welcome for what is a graceful, peaceful and beautiful immersion into the Metatronic energies, unique each time we meet.

We usually start with a welcome, a sitting meditation connecting and settling our group into the session. We then go into the deeper healing movement. Whatever you wish the focus this to be for yourself, gently holding that intention is all that is required.

As you are held in the ‘Metatron’s embrace' by these potent yet gentle healing energies, they open doors to deepen and empower your journey.

Throughout the session, Metatron acts as an “older spiritual brother”, holding for you an etheric SatNav, an inner GPS. Metatron becomes a wise spiritual friend and guide who knows precisely where you are, what is ripe for healing, releasing or realising. This flowers in an ancient, yet a deeply spiritual reality.

We usually complete the evening with a supportive exercise with a specific focus. For example: having the Metatronic energies tune-up or balance your chakra system or we might focus on receiving support for your nervous system, your physical body or organs.

Come along with your curiosity, and that which you wish to be free of. No previous experience is required!.

Metatronic Healing students who have taken the Metatronic full courses are warmly welcomed to deepen this connection.

What to Bring: Please note that room has wooden flooring​ so do bring a yoga mat or blanket, or whatever you need to make yourself comfortable as you can lie down for the healing part. There are chairs if you wish to sit for the session.


Your contribution supports the venue for hire & running costs is appreciated and allows regular meetings for the group, which are usually each month in London. I want to make it possible for everybody to access these evenings, so should you need a concession or help to come, please do talk to me or contact me directly.

Please pop the joining fee into the box inside the main door as you arrive for the evening. Thank you!

If this is the first time that you are coming to the event?

• When you reach 72 Queensborough Terrace, you will see the Latvian flag hanging outside the building.

• If the door is locked, press button 2 to gain entry to the building.

• As you enter the building come up the first two flights of stairs, passing the cloakroom on the landing and turn left in front the small double to find us on the first floor inside the Main Hall.