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Meteor meetup #2 at Q42: Demo time!

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Hi there!

Last month we hosted our first Meteor meetup in the Hague at Q42 offices and the response was great: 25 Meteor newbies showed up and we spent the evening getting to know each other and sharing our ideas about Meteor. I also gave a short introduction to the basics and challenged everyone to build something cool for our next meetup.

So I hope you've been hard at work on your first Meteor app, because it's time to come and show it to the world! At our next meetup on Friday, May 3rd, it would be great if a couple of us could give a short demo of something they've made with Meteor. It doesn't have to be a complete app - basic experimentation and sharing ideas is the goal here. I'll also share how we connected our website to our Philips Hue office lights using Meteor.

Make a Meteor app

If you haven't had a chance to work on anything yet, here are some existing fun apps that might inspire you:

A game to build your ideal future selves with habits: Live sketching/sharing app: Collaborative pixel board: MadEye: Realtime remote pair programming, in a Google Hangout: Check out more here: (sort by popular to see the coolest stuff!) If you'd like to present something or share some ideas at the meetup, please let me know in advance what you need and I'll arrange for it to be set up (eg. VGA cables, or an Apple TV, etc). You can reach me via Twitter (@rahul), email ( or the meetup group.

Help out with organising/hosting

We'll be hosting at Q42 again this time but I'm looking for someone to help me organise these Meteor meetups in the future, or someone who'd like to offer a location that we can meet up at (since coming to Q42 each time will get boring fast). If you have any ideas, let me know.

Bring a guest and win a Meteor book

One last thing: this time I'd like to make things a little more exciting with a challenge: introduce someone you know to Meteor by bringing them to the meetup. And you can get something out of it, too: I'll be giving away the book Getting Started with Meteor ( to a random person that brought a guest with them, so start thinking about who to bring ;-)

OK, enough from me. See you at the meetup!