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[Placeholder] ReactCamp #1 A Beginners Guide to ReactJS
Meteor 1.3 is around the corner and ReactJS is becoming an increasingly large part of the conversation on mobile web development. ReactCamp is a 1-day workshop to introduce you to React programming and get you started with application development using React. MATERIALS: "React For Beginners" ( Wes Bos. The course normally retails for $40-50 but Wes has kindly offered us a group rate ($20) that will make it possible for us to use the content in a group study environment and also have you continue to work on the content by yourself at home. We will share the discount code and help you get set up for this at the event. REQUIREMENTS: Bring your laptop. Basic understanding of HTML/CSS/JS is desirable. We will share information about other requirements prior to the event Related Links: • About ReactJS: • ReactConf 2016: ( • About Meteor 1.3 • Meteor React Tutorial The workshop is tentatively being targeted for sometime in the late March-April timeframe

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